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My name is Kurenai Carrow, pronounced Carró. My mother is a French woman, who descends from the blood of rich men and my father was the Japanese ambasssador in France. They both met on a party, that was organized by the mayor of Paris and my Dad slept with her, just once. And I was the side-effect of the whole story. 

Two months after the party, my Dad left Paris, to live in Japan with his fiancée. My Mom was left to raise me alone, but shortly after I was born, Dad visited and named me Kurenai. That was the only time I ever saw my Dad.

He always sent the monthly bill, so even after the family of my mother chucked us out, we were still in a very good condition, but my Mom was still working as a waitress. 

I had always tried to find out, who my Dad was. But my mother never told me. She said, that once I was 15 years old, 7 months and 9 days, she'd tell me.

1. Minato Edit

I stared at the black booklet in my hands and looked at my mother. Her honey-blond hair was tucked behind her ears. 

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