Melody's P.O.V

And that something is a minigun just appeared from the ground and its turrets are aimed towards us. It then began to fire, and everyone scrambled for cover. But the minigun only fired right after we duck. That minigun's reaction time is very slow, which gave us a window of opportunity to destroy it.

I created a nice blue energy shield and I stepped out of my cover. The minigun began to fire again, but this time the bullets are deflected by the blue energy shield. I signalled my friends that it's okay to come out. Mary came out, and since she is big, she had to crawl so that the blue energy shield can also cover her.

By the way, my blue energy shield can only cover as high as 10 feet. Mary's height is about 18 feet, so if I would have to accomodate Mary too, I have to put extra energy to make it high enough so Mary didn't get hit.

Anyways, Mary is not only good at shooting arrows while standing. She's also good when she's crouching too. She is crouching, and when she is ready, she stood up, looked down at the minigun and fired her huge celestial bronze arrow at the minigun. All it took is just one shot of Mary's arrows to smash the minigun to smithereens.

It's clear to move on, and we keep moving forward as we reached the stadium. Since we already found the control room, now it's the time to get to the control room. I grabbed an arrow and shot at the control room. The control roon was surrounded with thick plexiglass windows about 3 inches thick, and so when her arrows hit the windows, it cracked, but didn't shatter. Her arrows are amazing! Regular .50 caliber bullets can only crack the outer windows, but apparently, this arrow of Mary's shows that there are two glasses each 2 inches apart and they are made from plexiglass each 3 inches thick. Mary's arrows penetrates both the first one and the second one, but stopped in midair when it's about to reach the room.

"Want me to take it from here?" I asked her.

Mary nodded, and I raised my hands, and a nice blue energy emanated from my hand and it reaches for Mary's heavy arrows and it starts to drill the other parts of the windows. The drilling took 9-10 seconds (usually about 2-3 seconds for 1 cm thick plexiglass) and I signalled that it's okay to get to the control room.

I willed an invisible rope to attach itself to the control room, and then we started climbing the invisible rope. The rope is so very strong that Mary could climb it without the rope stretching itself out, much less breaking.

Mary was in front, and she kept climbing the invisible rope with little to no effort at all. We all kept climbing until we reached the top.

Once we reached the control room, it only appears to be a huge dashboard. I positioned Josh carefully in her back and she touched the screen. Then a bunch of options are available.

The screen turned from nothing to a multi-colored commands. Apparently this screen, even it's just a screen, can lead to the control center of this facility. I touched one of the buttons and saw a screen displaying a message: Congratulations, now select what to do with the runners: 1: Put them in the crushing chamber. 2: Incinerate them to death. 3: Starve them to death. 4: Use spikes to slowly drain their blood. 5: Set them free.

We decided to wait, because we're afraid that if we just push the 5th choice, the computer might actually recognise that it's not us. We waited for about 10 seconds before finally pushing the button.

We stepped back, and I looked over the window panel onto the runners. Then I saw that the necklace locks from their necks released themselves from their necks and returned to the pneumatic tube on the side of the stadium.

I returned to the screen and pressed the menu button. Then I press the release button for all the prisoners. Whoever designed this thing, doesn't really care to put on the access codes in. Even people with only reading and touching can also control the whole stadium. If all of the stadiums are like this.... then the stadiums are in chaos.

I looked over the window panel, and saw all the workers that had been trapped inside running outside the stadium. I then pushed the self-destruct button and set it to one hour.

By the time I set the self-destruct button, reinforced steel windows and doors encases us in here. Luckily, Mary was able to break through it with relative ease, and we all went outside and also ran.

I am careful to hold onto Josh on my back as I run. We approached the gate, and Mary just smash through it with relative ease.

Pretty much Mary smash through reinforced doors with relative ease, but there's one where she needs my assistance. The gate towards the exit is reinforced with 10 meters thick block of steel, and it's the only way out. Mary started punching and kicking. But at first the steel bent, and after a couple of attempts, all Mary did to this steel door is made a huge hole. It took Mary 15 minutes to make that hole about 4 meters tall, 3 meters wide and 7 meters thick. Indeed Mary has never faced such a challenge, because she is worn out, sweating and exhausted, which I had never seen Mary like this.

"Mary, perhaps I should handle this." I told her.

Mary nodded, and I cast a magic at the door and compresses the air into a tight ball. I used my tractor beam projector to bring this air ball into the hole and I adviced everyone to stand back. I keep compressing it and when I let go, a devastating blow shook the steel door, and it was just enough to carve our way out. But unfortunately, it wasn't enough for Mary to fit in, so Mary just tore through the hole in the wall to fit through.

And just like that, we have got out of the stadium. I placed Josh down on the ground, holding his chest. I see all the people are rushing out of the stadium and since they can only come out one at a time, Mary decided to make the hole bigger by punching it and ripping it apart, seeing as it's only 5 inches thick.

Mary successfully ripped that large blast door open, and more people came out of the stadium. This time, they're pouring out like crazy. I felt pity, because all of them had mist manipulated to convince them that they're Atalanta's workers.

I turned my attention back at Josh, and placed my right hand on his chest. As I watched, he started to wake, and shook his head lightly.

"Joshy..." Mary knelt forward. "You're... okay!"

"Uhh... yeah." Josh shook his head for about 2 seconds before stopping. "The.... st..."

"Don't worry." I told him. "We have taken care of it, Father. Now we have to run away because the stadium is about to explode!"

Josh is in no shape to run, so I carried him again and me, Mary and Jarren ran to safety and a few minutes later we saw the stadium went up in flames.

Meanwhile, in the Underworld

3rd Person's P.O.V

With additional reinforcements from Hippolyta, that actually made the job easier to control the souls. Hippolyta cornered some of the souls to one edge of the fields of punishment and she made an obsidian wall to appear which is 10 meters tall around the souls. Souls kept pouring in as Charon brought more and more people to the underworld as part of the riot, and apparently, his boat can fit much more souls than before. Stella was taking care of it by cornering the newcoming souls just before the walls of Erebus. She doesn't want them to know about the riots that are occuring in the underworld.

Jessica is currently in Hades' palace, helping Hades driving off the souls away from his castle and into the entrance to Tartarus. By the time those souls realized they are driven to the depths of Tartarus, they began to fight even more furious, eventually breaking the barriers that Jessica and Hades place.

"My Lord!" She spoke to Hades. "This is not good! Those souls are no good if we're going to drive them to Tartarus. They'll just fight even harder."

"Perhaps just drive them to the fields of punishment." Hades told her. "There's lots of spots to cram those souls. And once that's done, we can take care of the rest."

Just then, Hippolyta appeared between Jessica and Hades from the earth.

"Lord Hades, the souls that were in the entrace were taken care of." Hippolyta reported.

"Good work, Hippolyta." Hades said. "Now if you don't mind, take care of the remaining souls that are crawling around my palace."

"At once." Hippolyta said, and she immediately teleported to Hades' castle to pick out souls to bring them to Hades.

There's one particular soul holding some kind of test tube made of glass. It's not clear how this soul had gained access to it because it seemed to be from science laboratory. This test tube was huge, measuring 50 centimeters in length and 5 centimeters in radius, forming a closed-end cylinder. This one seemed to have pink color gas bubbling from the liquid. She made her way to the entrance to the underworld, and as Charon was about to deliver a dock full of another fresh soul, this soul manages to capsize the boat, making all of the souls (including Charon) to bathe in the River Styx. It was horrible to see, but for some unknown reason, the boat is back to its original position, and Charon is still there. This soul kicked Charon in the face and forced him to show the exit. After Charon showed the exit, this soul made it to the upper world and for once, it was revealed who this soul is.

This one turns out to be Michelle Lester, Mary's mortal parent. "Atalanta, I am here, and I'm going to make you much more powerful than ever before." She said.

Meanwhile, back at San Francisco

Josh's P.O.V

I'm sure that I miss all the fun, because we had just came out of the stadium and now the stadium has erupted in flames.

However, that doesn't make my mind at ease. Something is telling me that there are more stadiums around here, waiting to be shut down. Now we just have to ask one of the people where are the other stadiums, so I ran around, looking for people. But it turns out that all of them had ran away from the stadium once they realized they are free. But one approached us and poked me in the back.

"Hello," I turned around and saw a man around 18 years old wearing blue jeans and an umbro t-shirt. In fact, most of the prisoners wore umbro t-shirt. He had a gook looking face and his right chin is smudged with dirt. "Thank you for rescuing us."

"No problem." I told him.

"If there's anything that I can repay you..."

"Actually, there is." Melody said behind me, stepping closer to the man. "We need to know if this girl Atalanta has made more stadiums around the world."

"Ohh.... Let's see..." The man begin to think. "Yesterday, Atalanta told me that there are 6 more stadiums around the world. One is the Olympic Stadium in London."

I turned around and saw many cars coming here to see the commotion. "Mary, it's time to go."

"Alright." Mary said, as she hauled me, Melody, Jarren and this man away from the stadium. Since he has told us information about the other stadiums, it feels just right to take him with us so he can point to the right direction.

"The closest stadium from here is Africa." The man said. Looking at him, it was ironic because he has black skin and yet he told me the closest location is Africa. I'm guessing he wants to go home to his home country after being trapped in this place for quite a while.

Mary took out her coin, and she flipped it and let it land on the ground, and this time it became a very large passenger airplane. I'm sure that the mist will cover this jet into making the mortals think it's only an experimental engine running. This jet is 10 times larger than the Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger airbus, roughly half the size of entire Camp Half-Blood (including the forest).

We board the plane, and again, Mary was the one driving it. Fortunately, this plane has been equipped with autopilot so that after the plane had taken off after about 10 minutes, Mary is free to go with us.

Mary spoke in her captain's microphone. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Half-Blood airlines. We are pleased to have you here. To find out about the safety, please read the safety manuals in the seat pocket in front of you."

Then Mary launched into a string of explanations, typical of flight attendants and pilots before takeoff. Then after a while, the plane took off.

After 10 minutes the plane took off, I saw Mary left the cockpit and is heading towards us. I looked around and found Melody and Jarren were sleeping. I silently went to go to toilet and Mary seemed to be following me. Once on the toilet, I took a piss, and when I was about to go back out, Mary opened the door and stood blocking the door.

"Mary? What are you..." Then I looked at the toilet. It wasn't a toilet anymore. It was a bed, similar to that of Mary's cabin, except a little bit bigger.

"Why don't we have a little fun here?" Mary smiled seductively, as she grabbed my wrist. I writhed against it, but her hand, even though she's only exerting a small force, is as hard as steel.

"What is this!!" I yelled. "Let me go!!" I kicked and punched Mary's hand, but all she did is pin me to the bed with her massive arms and her head is getting near. "I haven't had the chance to do it last time, Joshy. Perhaps you would allow me to.... feel your warm body." Mary said as she started to strip me only the top half. Her left hand pinned my four limbs and her right hand feels my whole body. She even brought me to her head and she moaned.

"Hmm.... so soft. So that's why Jessica wanted you as her husband. She is so pervert." Mary said, while licking me in the process, her arm too hard to squish.

"Mmmm Stop!!" I tried to yell, and Mary dropped her body beside me as she held me tight and have her right index finger over my mouth. I then proceeded to bite her finger that was over my mouth as hard as I can. For some reason her finger isn't bleeding and when I pushed her finger off to see, there's no bite mark on her index finger. I am still kicking and screaming.

Then she pushed me towards her br**st. Naturally, br**sts are soft and resilient, but this one is very hard, almost like a bone. "Joshy..... You're so warm."

I tried pushing as hard as I can against Mary to break free, but she is just too strong, knowing that she could break my body with little to no effort at all. This is going nowhere, with her hands making my body rub her skin over and over again, and with each rub, I can feel my skin getting hotter. She made me go to her nipples and I pushed against it since I don't want to suck on them. Her boobs are very hard but still soft on the outside since her skin is very thick. I pushed against it, and Mary proceeded to hug me.

I was facing out the window, and saw that the American continent is nowhere to be seen. I look around and there seems to be a pool. This is just weird, an airplane with a pool. I immediately knew what Mary intended to do with me if I kept resisting so I just gave in to this so called torture.

Mary's P.O.V

I could never be more happy than I am now. First of all, I have rigged this part of the plane with magic so that whenever 2 hours had passed in this room, in the real world it would only be 2 seconds had past.

How did I use my magic? Let's just say that I witness Melody do some magic and I begin to experiment with it. It can only be applied on my coin, but unfortunately it didn't cover the whole coin (my magic item), so only some parts of the coin (in this case, vehicle) are time-rifted. So, if Melody and Jarren was to rush to this room, they wouldn't make it in time.

In the meantime, I continued to tease Josh, and since the bathtub was here, I decided to give Josh a little hypothermia. I filled the bathtub and set the temperature to 1 degrees celsius.

I grabbed Josh, who is struggling very hard as he attempted to make a scratch on my skin. The only result he would yield is breaking his own nails since my skin is much too hard and too thick to penetrate. I decided that we have enough fun and let him go, while I checked the mission's planning in my laptop.

Anyways, my laptop is quite big for Josh (not for me) and it's quad core pentium with processor of 4 GHz, RAM of 16 GB and battery power of 1 kWh. It was incredible, since the laptop can last more than 2 days without recharging.

Josh was trying very hard to open the door, but it's too high for Josh so he cannot reach it.

"Hey Josh, why don't you come and check out our schedule whilst we're on a quest?" I asked him.

Josh looked at me and scowled. "I'm not falling for that, Mary." Josh told me. "I'm not going to be your fantasy doll. Enough is enough!"

"But Joshy, I'm not going to m*l*st you now." I told him, while showing him the plan for our quest.

Of course there are quite a lot of free times, and at those times I would be m*l*sting Josh.

I silently grabbed my br**sts. They have been growing since a few weeks ago, but only in infinitesimal amounts. How do I know? I measured my br**sts every 1 week, and apparently over the past 1 week, my br**st had grown 1 millimiter in circumference. I was worried if they got very big, I would experience chronic br**st pain. I also noticed that when I squeeze them, they're getting harder and denser. I was already thinking that something is happening on my br**st. But I'm sure it was none of the monster attacks. I think Josh knows what is happening, since I believe that this has something to do with this growth hormone experiment. But first, I have to check my schedule.

Since we're in a time-rift compartment of the plane, time actually goes for 2 hours in this compartment and only 2 seconds in the outside world. Now the time is showing at 11:42:50:75, and it stays frozen, except for the milliseconds, which raises by 1 every 36 seconds.

Anyways, I continued to look at the schedule I have created, and now it showed that it's time to relax. 2 hours later we will be serving a buffet. Fortunately, in this room, there's an MRI scan, so I can take a look of what is happening on my br**st.

Fortunalely, Josh's research was saved in this laptop, so I just open it and look through his research. First, it showed how it also alters your pituitary gland to produce so much growth hormone in a short period of time, while at the same time balances your body so there won't be any side effects.

I scrolled down, and found many articles about how it works, why it's good for midgets (lol, it's referring to Josh himself) and how to use it. Josh apparently had used it, but he used growth hormone instead of this thing. There's also a warning not to place anyone in a chamber with this substance in gaseous form as prolonged exposure can lead to excessive growth and imbalances of the body's homeostatis. And when I scrolled to the bottom of the page, there's another text, but this time it's typed in another style, and it states that according to the experiment, the uneven distribution most oftenly goes to the br**st development.

Recalling that, I remember one other girl who is in the chamber, and she is still 2 years old (and that's why I haven't mention it before since if Josh had mentioned her, Josh would be obviously lying). She undergoes overexposure and that made her grow like crazy. She reached heights of 13 feet in 4 years, and she had a thick skin, muscles and bones like me, but it was so fast that the distribution of the tissue hardening was not done properly, and most of it goes towards her br**st. Her b**st was hardening and getting bigger, and kept getting bigger over the months, and her br**st pain was getting unbearable, and one day, she died. When I looked at her at the time of her death, her skin is about 1.5 cm thick and her flesh and muscle are apparently oversqueezed and since the flesh can't expand further, instead of expanding outward, it expanded inward, towards her ribs, eventually squeezing her heart and lungs, causing death.

I might have the same problem with that girl, but I'm sure that I have it handled since my bone density forms slightly faster than my muscles and flesh, Since my bones are much tougher than my skin, the growth of my br**st will be outward, not inward.

I scrolled down more, and found that there's actually more experiments conducted by Hippolyta's and my mortal parents. They are human experiment, which adds to my anger towards my parents. Most of the experiments are actually a failure, because most of the test subjects died within a few months. They just treated human life like it's just a piece of garbage. I'm sure that my parent is sent to the fields of punishment. As I flicked through the experiments, all of them had died because their flesh had squeezed their blood vessels flat. Then she tried another one, but this time enlarging the blood vessels but failed to enhance the heart for it to able to work twice as much, and the result is also death. There's also where the experiment had worked well on this guy when he was at the age of 4 (name censored). His development was insanely fast, growing at about 4 inches each month. But unfortunately, after 5 years on the experiment, he complained about a severe headache and ultimately he died. The cause of his death is that there's too much pressure and fluid inside his brain, and his brain simply imploded and killed him.

So, basically there were many experiments made before they tried it on us. If they were alive, I could had my hands on them and make them wish they hadn't been born. I was one of the lucky ones who had survived this far, along with my friend, Hippolyta.

Hippolyta was also reported to have some complications, but since her mother is the Goddess of the earth, Gaea, she was able to constantly tone down her complications. But if she was in a very high altitude for too long (about more than 1000 meters), she will surely die. Hippolyta here almost died when both of us went on an airplane from my magic item. Hippolyta started suffering severe headaches and chest pains, and when the plane lands, we have to rush Hippolyta to the infirmary and she was there for about 4 months, while lying on the earthen bed.

Anyways, after I flicked through the rest of the documents, there's nothing that suggests that Josh even started the experiments with humans. All he did experiment on was chimpanzees and other primates, never humans. I looked at Josh, and he is staring at me, scowling.

"Well, Josh?" I teased him. "Ready for round 2?"

"NO!!" Josh yelled. "I want you to open this door and let me back to Melody and Jarren!"

"I'm afraid I'm not quite satisfied yet, Joshy." I told him, as I approached him slowly and smiled seductively at him.

Josh's P.O.V

I should have gotten away while I had my chance. Now Mary is back in her seductive mode. I looked for a way out as Mary inches nearer towards me, ready to approach me with her seductive embrace. I looked for a door and sure enough, there's a door small enough for me to fit inside. I tried to open it, and apparently it's a steel door, which takes an enormous amount of force to open it. It was open just a few inches when Mary grabbed me and pin me to the bed.

"Mary!! Stop!!" I yelled.

"Perhaps you are aware of the side effects of the experiment, do you?" Mary asked.

My eyes widened. From the research of the animals of that hormone, I noticed that when I put a couple of chimpanzee in, I noticed that the test subject went for the smallest one. Could Mary be affected by the same substance?

"Yes, Joshy." Mary smiled. "You've figured it out. Time for some...."

"Whatever it is you're not getting it!!" I screamed as I strained with my absolute furious effort to break free.

"Ohh, I will get it, alright." Mary told me, and she grabbed the collar of the middle of her tanktop and revealed her br**st and press it on me. At first, I am assuming that her br**st is just like everyone else's. But I was wrong. Once her right br**st pushed against me, it felt almost twice as hard as steel.

"MMFFFF!!!" I felt my body was crushed as I was using my internal equalizing body system to try to equalize the pressure. At first, her br**st didn't deform, but after a while, it did went inside a little, but it's still hard and stiff like a bodybuilders, but probably 10 times as hard.

I kept writhing and pushing her with all my might. She won't let go and at one moment, she let me go and grabbed her br**sts.

I used this chance to bolt to the door, the steel door in a desperate attempt to get out. I pulled the steel door as hard as I can, and when I saw Mary looking back at me, I pulled even harder, knowing she would have no mercy. I continued to pull, and when Mary was coming to grab me, I dove my way to the opening to the plane's deck, away from Mary. Once I got out, I made a run for it to where Melody and Jarren is. I bumped with such force that the seat next to Melody is jerked forward and I sat there, panting.

"Aww, you're no fun." Mary looked exasperated. Then, as what I saw before, she grabbed her br**sts again, wincing in pain. I was worried, since that could be one of the side effects from the experiment I have studied from the monkey.

I was quite shook up from the time where Mary chased me, but seeing her in pain like this made me pity on her. Or... that could be one of her tricks to make me pity on her.

But wait... she was also clutching her br**sts while in the middle of m*l*sting me. Mary wasn't playing around... She was in real pain.

"Mary?" I asked her, timidly stepping forward towards her. "Maybe we should get you checked out."

But soon after, she stopped doing it. "Yeah, it's been weeks since I have chronic chest pains. Let's get it checked out."

So me and Mary went to the same toilet, and as we stepped in, the toilet turned into a cabin the same as before. The MRI was just on the left, and I told Mary to lie down on the bed, and Mary did so. To be honest, This is the first time I have been operating an MRI, but the controls are quite simple compared to the other MRI controls that I've seen. I press the push button and the machine brought Mary inside and I pressed the SCAN button.

This MRI is smart, because within 30 seconds, it layed out every detail inside her body, and it also showed what Mary's body was doing. It also shows how thick her skin is, also the density of her skin, muscles, and bone. It also showed the rate of Mary's growth by looking at the microscopic level of development, and its development is phenomenally fast. Her skin's thickness around her body is shown to be at 1.1 cm, which is incredible. That's why I was not able to bite her fingers earlier. Her skin is just too thick. Her skin's density also plays a factor, since it's about 10 grams per centimeters cubic. Her flesh and muscles is about 1.2 times as dense and her bone is very dense, measuring an incredible 20 grams per centimeters cubic.

Now this is what brought my attention. The image shows the br**st part is brighter than the rest, meaning more dense substances are in there. I took a closer look at her br**st, and the density keeps adding up, and it's expandng, into about 13-14 g/cm^3. Her skin on her br**st is stretching, and now measures about 9 mm, but the skin cells are actively replicating in order to stop it from rupturing. Her br**st could expand further without bursting in quite a long time, but it's best we prevent that. I pressed the print button and from the printer, and a laminated copy of the result of the MRI was printed. There was only one conclusion. Her growth was not balanced because most of the growth was shifted towards her br**st.

I pushed the button to let Mary out, and she apparently had stop clutching her br**sts, but I could tell Mary is in pain now.

"So? Do you find anything wrong with me?" Mary asked with concern.

"Well, I've looked over with the results, and it turns out that your growth had changed direction." I told her.

"My growth changed direction..." Mary mused. "What does that mean?" She asked me.

"It means that your growth weren't balanced, and most of your growth takes place in your br**sts." I told her.

To prove my point, I showed Mary the picture I took on the MRI.

"At the first time I see this, I was amazed by how you manage to have such thick skin, muscles and bone and yet you are able to keep moving. This is incredible. So that's why you were able to break through that thick shielding of metal with only your bare hands! Your skin.... it's 1.1 cm thick! I've never seen anything like it!" I commented.

"So, how long would I be able to hang on with this condition?" Mary asked me.

"Probably, about a couple of months, with the current system your body was coping with it." I told her. I should have known to stay on topic, but I was so fascinated about Mary's strange build that my excitement level builds up. "Anyways, what can I do now to lessen your pain?"

Mary smiled, I immediately knew that I had asked the wrong question, and I was about to regret it.

"You can stay close to me." Mary told me. Just then, she grabbed my wrist, and thinking that Mary might seduce me again made me panic. But instead she only looked at my wristwatch, which said 11:59:32.

"It's time for lunch." Mary said as she and I went to the lunch area to get some lunch. Apparently, like any other airlines, the lunch is already prepared. I took a sneak peek at the menu and as expected, there were steaks and beefs, Mary's favorite food.

I'm thinking if all the beef that Mary ate back at camp might have caused her enlargement of br**sts and causing her chronic pain, but it didn't happen to her a few years ago when she ate steak vigorously so that couldn't be the reason.

"Time to serve lunch." I told Mary, as I grabbed my portion for the lunch and started serving Melody and Jarren. They are still sleeping, so I woke them up with a gentle nudge.

"Melody, here's your lunch." I told her.

Melody opened her eyes and looked at her meal. "Thanks, father."

I also served one for Jarren. I woke Jarren up the same way I woke up Melody. "Thanks, dad."

While they ate, I also ate. I ate beef sausage, which is very healthy and refreshing, but oily as well. I ate about 5 of them. I watched Mary ate her steak and sausage one by one. She grabbed one meat and put it in her mouth whole as she chew it before swallowing it. It was fascinating to see Mary eating quite fast. She ate one steak after another. It's as if Mary liked meaty foods very much. After about 15 minutes, Mary finished her food and me and Mary went to this secret compartment again while Melody and Jarren is still eating their lunch.

When we're at the secret compartment, there's a planning sheet that Mary was looking at her laptop.

"So, what's the plan?" I asked her.

"The plane will land in approximately 7 hours from now in real time." Mary told me. "Apparently, they have 2 stadiums in this continent. One in Cairo, Egypt, and the other one in Nigeria. The plan is to split up."

"Alright, may I go with Melody?" I immediately asked.

"Well, not yet. I got to explain how this stadium works. These 2 stadiums are different from the last one. This one had a tougher security, and reports are saying that Atalanta was inside one of the stadiums."

"Again, may I go with Melody?" I asked again.

"Unfortunately, you're going with me, Joshy." Mary smiled seductively again, and I know this isn't going to end well. "Melody and Jarren are your formidable children, they can take care of themselves."

I don't like the idea, but since Mary seems to knew the place beforehand, I trust her judgement on this. Besides, she needs some pain relief time after time before we can find Mary a cure, but the only way to do that is to sleep with her, which I have some hesitations to, after her seductive moment came a few moments ago.

I stepped closer towards Mary, knowing what to do.

"Josh? What are you doing?" Mary asked.

"You said that you're going to need me to lessen your pain." I told her. "Well here I am."

For once, Mary looked surprised, but she calmed down after a while. Man, how will I regret this very very much. I shouldn't have said that. This is more likely suicide.

Please say no.... Please say no!! My heart started screaming. I did not mean this to happen!

"Well, that could lessen my pain, yeah." Mary said. "Shall we? Besides, we can spend so much time in here before Melody and Jarren wakes up."

I kinda forgot how Mary can be persuasive sometimes, but nevertheless I knew she won't last any longer with her condition, especially when I peeked through that research report that Mary had opened earlier.

"Anyways, I'm sorry about what happened earlier, Joshy." Mary told me. "That was so my br**sts could stop growing so fast."

"You could have asked!" I yelled, then calmed down. Then I begin to think about this. Could this be another trick? Using her br**st as a way to get closer to me? Either way, she seemed genuinely hurt while clutching it, and I wanted to help her.

"How can I help you as effective as I can?" I asked her.

"The only way to do that..... is for you to stop resisting when I m*l*st you."

Meanwhile, at the Underworld

Jessica's P.O.V

For some reason, the souls are getting stronger and stronger, and this had happened when this one soul that was carrying some kind of a large vial on her back had escaped. The next thing that happened is apparently, the escaped soul is a girl and she poured the huge volume of pink liquid down through the doors of Orpheus. This somehow made the soul down here either stronger or become fleshy (in other words, alive). Hades was incredibly furious to see this, and he raised his staff and dark lightning emanated from his staff and zapped just centimeters away from their skin.

Just then, one of them tackled me down and I managed to blast some dark lightning at him, but another one came and I barely had the time to turn around when he sliced my head off with a machete.

Stella's P.O.V

"MOM!!!" I stared horrified at my mom's neck being chopped off by one of the legionnaires of the dead. The soul made their move behind me, but just in time I erected another nice black wall of energy to trap them again.

Just then, Hades appeared beside me.

"Stella, I'm so sorry..." Hades told me as he held my mom's body.

"Mom..." I almost cried, but then I straightened. "Wait, can't you bring her back, my lord?"

"I'm afraid I cannot." Hades said. "That would defy the laws of death. Even we cannot meddle with fates, if we do, the consequence will be even greater."

It just seems way too ridiculous for my mom to just lower her guard while controlling this riot, but nevertheless, the fates decreed this to happen, and it cannot be undone.

I tried to hold my cry, but cannot anymore, and eventually I burst into tears.

I collapsed and cried, and I was thinking, how could she die? How could she die.....

Hippolyta's P.O.V

I continued to create barriers, and it's becoming increasingly hard since Jessica had died. I wonder how Josh would react to this if I told him about this. But he deserves to know it, since he is her husband.

I sensed the earth, trying to locate Josh. But his familiar presence was nowhere found on earth. Probably he had gone airborne with his questing parties.

Meanwhile, back at the plane: 12:04:25:75

Josh's P.O.V

"Let us begin." I told Mary, as she gently placed me on the bed. Mary measures her br**st again and she looked at me seductively.

"Ready?" Mary asked.

Melody's P.O.V

I am in my meditation. I was focusing on what is happening in the underworld. I saw something really horrible. My mom, was killed by one of the people in the underworld riot! I wonder where he had gotten a machete from, because I'm sure that in the underworld, you can't get weapons except for Hades, his minions and his helpers. I can't imagine what would happen to Josh or Jarren when I tell of this horrible news.

Stella is in her breakdown now, and Hades, surprisingly, is trying to calm her down. She kept crying and crying.

Anyways, I snapped awake from my meditation and looked outside at the windows of the aircraft. The land of Africa is still not seen yet. I went to the cockpit and to the pilots area, and the instruments are saying that we've got another 5-6 hours until we go to Africa.

Josh's P.O.V

I could feel the friction between my body and her hands. It was warming, and I was glowing warmly. I don't understand why Mary had to do this because in my research, I had never observed this type of behaviour. Perhaps I should add it to the list of side effects after 12 years and more.

"Hold on a tick..." I told Mary, as I get up and grabbed a paper beside the bed and grabbed a pen. I wrote: Side effects of the experiment: Immense lust on desires with midgets.

Just a quick note, I'm not a midget anymore. I now stood 5'0 now, because of the growth hormone that I put on my food every now and then. I also feel some muscle in my system now and I'm stronger than my midget form.

After what seems about 40 minutes, Mary finished and she sighed. "That was refreshing!" She told me.

I scowled. "If I ever knew that you're doing this because of your insatiable lust, Mary..."

"No, no..." Mary told me. "I need it to slow down by br**st growth, alright."

"Then why are we here? We should be getting back to the cabin! In here, not only time slows down, but your br**st growth is not slowing down."

"Hmm... you could be right." Mary told me, as both of us went out of the cabin toilet and out into the flight deck. I went with Mary to check on the flight instruments. I looked at the instruments: Ground speed: 980 mph, Altitude: 14580 meters, Cabin pressure: 102.5 kPa, Tail wind: 240 mph, Distance to destination: 3000 miles, Estimated arrival time: 4 hours.

"Now," Mary smiled at me seductively again, and she grabbed her br**sts again. She seemed to be doing that quite frequently. I can only conclude that its still growing quite fast.

I looked in front of us and there seemed to be some vultures flying at us. They are flying beside us, with the company of storm spirits. The vultures are carrying a bunch of monsters, ranging from scythian dracaenaes and laistrygonian giants. I saw some of the vultures with some dead telkhines. They are dead because they are experiencing a decompression sickness. It's because they are used to live in the depths of the ocean, and they quickly change to the thin pressure of the air. The nitrogen bubbles burst out of their blood, killing them. The plane began to rock, and behind us, on the passengers deck, Melody and Jarren are thrown out of their seats.

"What happened?" Melody asked, as both Melody and Jarren looked outside to see what is happening outside. The storm spirits and the vultures are trying to get in as Melody used her magic to make a shield around the plane. The vultures attacked, but their attacks were deflected by the yellow energy shield.

Mary's P.O.V

It was a thrill to kill monsters in midair. But what wasn't thrilling is that we're now at 12000 meters altitude, and we're descending at a rate of 5 meters every second. It would need an optimal altitude of 3000 meters to be able to fight while not experiencing the depressurization effect while we're out of the aircraft.

Unfortunately, this aircraft is not equipped with any weapons, so we have to use our own weapons. I grabbed the heavy arrow, mount it on my bow, opened the aircraft door a little and quickly shot my arrow at one vulture before closing it again, and the vulture went down.

I can't open the door too much because the cabin here would be depressurized so drastically that the air would be unbearable to breathe. Fortunately, there's another cabin above this area which is an oxygen supply system that is the size of a car and it mounts an incredibly high pressure, about 600 atmospheric pressure (equivalent to 9000 psi) that can restore this aircraft's pressure. I ran to the control deck and pushed the pressurizing button and within seconds, the pressurizing chamber came to life, and it sprayed this deck with just enough oxygen to keep going.

I looked at the altitude counter: 7000 meters, 6750 meters. The plane fell really quickly as we tried to get to the optimal altitude so we can strike freely and safely.

Melody was already using much of her magic to just fend off the majority of the monsters. Soon or later, Melody would have ran out of magic and will need to recharge.

Melody let go of the magical shield and luckily, the monsters are starting to retreat because they have been decimated in numbers greatly, and now we're free to pull up to 12000 meters altitude again, but the problem is that when we ascend to that altitude, we can't open the aircraft's door because it will depressurize the cabin and kill us all. So we decided to stay down here in about 3000 meters, where the air is optimal to breathe. I saw more monsters coming to get us, but by that time, we're close to landing, and I had to take control of the aircraft. As I went to the cockpit, the plane slowly reduces its speed and soon, we're at the landing zone of the International African Airport.

I counted the passengers one by one. I felt quite awkward doing that because there's only the 4 of us, but I have to make sure that we are all safe and here.