Josh's P.O.V

Mary counted all of us, including herself so that we won't miss anybody. Besides, we need each other to tackle both bases at the same time. Mary clapped a few times and the aircraft shrank back to a coin and Mary tucked it in her pocket in her pants.

"So, proceed with the plan?" Melody asked.

"Correct." Mary told her. "I'm sure you already map out the bases with your magic, right?"

"True." Melody said, as she went with Jarren to the stadium at Cairo, Egypt, as I and Mary will go to Nigeria to stop Atalanta.

We decided to take a car, but cars are scarce here, since we are in Somalia, one of the poorest countries where a few years ago, someone overthrew the government and supplies were taken over by rebel leaders. So we decided to use Mary's coin again and her coin turned into a car that can turn invisible and can fire 50 caliber heavy machine guns from the top. Melody and Jarren had used a car that was beside us.

We got inside the car and drove our way to Nigeria stadium. Mary, as always, was driving.

Now this is what I did not get. Why is it that back in the airplane, there's a magical compartment that slows time a lot while in this car it doesn't? I have to save my questions for later when we have reached our destination. In the meantime, we have to find a safe route so we are not discovered by the militants around here.

I've heard about the people in here. They are looking for power. People in here form factions of some kind. I've heard that the strongest one is called Abdul Aidid, and that's the faction we have to avoid the most. But most importantly, we have to avoid all factions because meeting with a faction could have catastrophic results, and that could affect other factions luck.

This car also had autopilot on, so we can relax while the car is driving itself to its destination. Mary then proceeded to relax too, but I could tell that her br**sts are slowly causing her discomfort.

"So Mary, maybe after we raid on this stadium, we can find a cure to your.... throbbing br**sts." I told her.

Mary looked slightly anxious, but she answered anyway. "Yeah. I'm not sure what is causing them, and if I tell Melody, she would suspect that I had some relations with you."

"I'm sure that you can find other cure than Melody. Anyways, how did the pain start?"

"It started when I and you both had a dream about Atalanta making stadiums, imprisoning people in her stadiums and other stuff. I began to feel a little pain and that's when I measure my br**st size, and over the last couple of weeks, it's actually growing."

I felt bad about Mary. She is now a ticking time bomb I believe, because if she didn't get it treated soon, it might end up with one of her parents experiments.

Melody's P.O.V

We are on our way to Cairo, Egypt. I had a perfect blueprint mapped in my head on this stadium. I had seen it before while I was meditating, and I could pick out strategic spots to strike, take down, or demolish. I also had the control room mapped out. Like the one in California, the control room was just above the stadium itself.

I looked at Jarren who is driving, and he keeps his focus on the road, just like every good driver. I keep on a lookout on our rearview mirror to see if anyone is following us. If anyone is following us, we have to accelerate the car and outrun it so we don't get caught.

I looked at the barren desert of Africa. I am guessing that this is Sahara desert because it's so dry and there's barely any vegetation around. I noticed that my magic wasn't working as well back in New York. I guess my magic only works well in America, the home of the Gods.

So I tried my best to conserve my magic as much as I can by meditating and doing non-magic stuff as much as I can.

About 25 minutes had past, and we saw what looks like a convoy of vehicles crossing through the desert. There are about 20 vehicles in total, and they're mounted with machine guns.

"Jarren!" I warned him. "Go around!"

Apparently, Jarren knew who they are, and he obeyed my instructions. He got around the convoy and we just continued straight towards Cairo, Egypt.

It was a long way away. I'm sure that Mary and Josh is having trouble with the militants here and are taking so long to get to their destination.

It was quite satisfying that we don't have to fight them. But then again, we have to be very careful.

Josh's P.O.V

It was quite a satisfying ride. I don't know why, but I have a bad feeling going to this place. It's as if my gut is telling me that this will bring trouble.

But I won't concentrate on that. I have to concentrate on the stadium that I'm going to raid.

After a couple of hours of inside the car, we finally reached the stadium of Nigeria. Both of us got out of the car and Mary clapped twice and the car shrank to the size of a coin. Mary grabbed the coin and tucked it inside her pocket.

Mary seemed to clutch her br**st more often now, but there's no turning back. We are on the stadium, and we can't afford to turn back since turning back now is harder now than it is to continue.

The gate is reinforced with steel, but Mary just force open it like it was nothing. Then we got inside the stadium and looked around. The stadium here is not really like the one back in San Francisco. This one seems a little darker in color, but in the stadium itself, everything seems similar to the one back in San Francisco.

I looked around, and runners entered the stadium. When they heard the whistle, they ran, and people are trying to reach the finish line as fast as they can. Once one of them touches the finish line, he screamed in joy.

Just then, I can hear a mechanical whirring on my right. Mary apparently hear it too, because she turned to the same direction as I do.

I saw this long cylindrical metal tube shooting out some necklace, and this time, the necklace is black, and is retractable, unlike the ones I saw back at San Francisco, where it was in half and it clicked into one when it reached the persons neck.

As I watched, this necklace began to fly at the losers, and the loser got a necklace latched onto their necks and, as if they are mind-controlled, begin to walk towards the room on the other side of the stadium.

"Oh God!!" Mary said. "We have to hurry and access the control room!"

I agreed with her, and the control room is located in the same location as the last stadium, which is just above the stadium itself, towards the right from the main gate.

"I won't allow that." A voice said.

We froze, trying to figure out who the voice belongs to. It couldn't be Atalanta, because I know her voice. This voice of hers was peculiarly familiar, like I have heard her voice before, and yet I forgot who she is.

After a brief while, I began to get angry, because I recognized her voice. Mary seemed to also recognize her voice.

"Mom..." Mary muttered, as the figure of Mary's mother, Michelle Lester was making her way here. "What are you doing here?!"

"Ohh... Atalanta... erm I mean... Hades has allowed me to live again. And... I am the one who bear bad news to this poor Joshy..." Michelle began.

"I had enough bad news!!" I told her. "Be gone!" I said angrily as I conjured a ball of laser and shot it at Michelle.

Michelle apparently had anticipated this and sidestepped. "Apparently, your wife, Jessica, is dead."

I couldn't believe what she was saying. How dare she coming here and telling me that my wife, Jessica was dead!

"Liar!" I said, drawing my bow and shot an arrow at Michelle. Michelle sidestepped.

"Oh, I'm not lying, alright." Michelle continued to taunt me. "I saw her getting killed with my own eyes. Hades' palace was crowded so he allowed some people to return to the upper world, in exchange of your dear Jessica..."

"NO!!" I yelled, a ball of fury light emanated from my hands. "You are...." Then I saw the truth for myself when a video played and it showed where she cut Jessica's head off. "You... did this..." I lunged at her and was about to stab her but Mary got in our way and grabbed her mom and gripped her tightly.

"Mom. about the experiment... It wasn't just the growth of us, wasn't it? You have involved so many people in your experiments..."

Michelle gasped. "Y-*gasp*-yes... I did. I just wanted to...." Mary began to squeeze her tighter. I could see anger building up in her from the look on her eyes.

"Did you know what that did to my br**sts?" Mary asked her.

Michelle cringed her face more, and she looked repentant for one moment. "Please.... My life was dedicated to this..."

Mary grabbed her tighter. "Now, you will find a cure to my br**st growth! That is, if you don't want to die twice."

"Alright!" Michelle gasped. "Just put me down and I'll tell you something! That is, about the cure of your br**st."

Mary reluctantly put her mother down as she gasped and coughed. "Now.... About something that I want to tell you... is that when you have grown enough, is that the subject will be a slave."

"WHAT???" I gasped to my surprise.

Mary gasped, and then when her mother told her to be quiet, she did.

"What have you done to her, you demon?" I asked her, obviously angry.

"First of all, I'm not a demon. I'm a human. Secondly, I have made my own slave. My daugher as a slave..." Mary tried to step forward but with a wave of Michelle's hand, she just stopped. "Seriously it took ages for the experiment to integrate with this slavery thingy. It took.... roughly 20 years. Unfortunately, almost none of my experiment survived that long."

"Isn't there another one of your experiment?" I asked her.

"Actually there is. But since she is the daugher of the earth itself, this integration with slavery was almost instantly severed the moment she touched the earth. Now Mary, dear. Crush Josh for me."

I started to run, but Mary grabbed me very quickly and soon I was in her deathgrip. I had never seen Mary using this sheer strength against me. This just proves that from the previous encounters, Mary was just using merely her low-level strength.

I managed to squirm up, but not enough to escape her grip. Eventually, her grip started crushing my legs. I continued to squirm and finally I was out of her grip. But unfortunately, my legs were a mess and I can't move my legs.

Mary looked down at me, and she is about to punch me in the face when I rolled to the left. I crawled with my hands, scooting as fast as I can. Fortunately, the side effects of her br**st growing is also affecting her, so she clutches them quite often, allowing a window of escape for me. I noticed that I was under sunlight and that made my legs better, but I was still limping.

Michelle seemed to notice a problem with her dear daughter and held up her hand. "Hey Mary, Josh there is a cure to your problem of your br**sts. If you want to be cured of your exponential br**st growth, then you can either get him and use him whatever you want."

My legs are more fine now, but I was still limping, so I limped away into the stadium and proceeded into crawling, where the sunlight would hit my lower limbs with more surface area and therefore heal my legs faster.

As soon as my legs are fine, I started running blindly. After a couple of seconds I noticed the control room with a clock that says 14:20. I decided to go there but was stopped when Mary grabbed me.

Then she took me to a room. It really looks like the cabin back at the airplane, but this one is on the ground, not airborne, and furthermore, it was not time-magical enchanted.

She began to press her right br**st onto me, and I tried my best to fight back on not to getting squashed by its immense pressure.

"Mary!!" I writhed around her grasp as to try to get out of her grasp, but it's way too powerful. I try to glow in heat, and Mary's skin didn't even get burned.

Michelle entered and saw what I did and laughed. "You see, Joshy? I have made my daughter here a good girl. But... I'm sure that her disease can be cured. But of course, it comes at a price."

Mary placed me on the floor as she pin my legs and arms and spread my legs apart while twisting my arm behind my back.

"It's the only way to cure it, Joshy." Mary told me as she tied my hands behind my back and she pressed my little body more with her br**st.

"MMMFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!" I muffled scream not only because it's heavy and sweaty, it's also because I was crushed by her huge br**st. After a while, she released me.

"Mary, there's another way! You don't have to do this!" I yelled at her.

"I'm afraid I can't, Joshy..." Mary said to me as she grabbed me again as she made me bath in her saliva. It was downright disgusting! I can't believe how smelly it was! I continued to squirm as I tried to search for a nearby bathtub to clean myself. She massaged me back and forth. I watched as Mary's mom continued to watch her daughter.

"Now that's my girl." Michelle said, as she continued to witness the scene.

Melody's P.O.V

We already reached Cairo, Egypt. We already accessed the control room and set it on self-destruct. We and the people who work there are running for their lives as we ran out of the stadium. All the people got out, and just as the last one managed to get out, the stadium exploded.

When the stadium exploded, it sends quite a large number of debris all around it, making it rain molten metals and pieces of wood flying all around the exploded stadium. Unfortunately, this is a residential place, so the houses nearest to the stadium get blown off by the blast and the houses that are further suffers some debris falling such as molten metals landing onto their roofs.

I then proceeded to contact Mary and Josh to see how they have been progressing. I closed my eyes and proceeded to meditate.

What I saw was shocking. I saw a mortal girl ordering Mary Lester like her slave and she's ordering to m*l*st Josh! I can't let this happen. Not on my watch. Just watching that made me want to kick Mary in the butt over and over again.

I snapped out of my meditation, looking angry in my eyes.

"What is it?" Jarren asked.

"Nothing." I grumbled.

"There must be a reason to why you look angry all of a sudden." Jarren said again.

"Well, if you must know, Mary's mother is evil. I don't know the whole story, but she just order her daughter, Mary, as a slave, and she's using her to get Josh!"

Hearing that, Jarren got angry. "That witch! I've heard about this Michelle Lester. My father used to told me stories about her. But I don't get much of it because he told me that Mary and this other girl named... Hipp-- Hippos..."

"Hippolyta." I corrected.

"Yes, and they both poisoned their parents." Jarren told me.

"If they poisoned both of their parents... then how come..." Then a thought occured to me as the underworld riot is happening, some souls managed to escape the underworld, and Michelle Lester, Mary Lester's mother is one of them. I swear, when I saw this so called Michelle Lester, I would personally kill her for making her daughter m*l*st my father.

"Come, Jarren! We have to get to Nigeria fast!" I told him. "And that's where Atalanta is too!"

"Then here's our chance to send this runner girl and her sidekick back to the underworld." Jarren said, as he hopped on the driver seat of the vehicle and I hopped beside him and then we are off to Nigeria to catch Atalanta and send her back to the underworld.

I started meditating again as we zoomed off. Truly, meditating is helping me calm down my mind, and also to profoundly slow down aging. But another good side to that is that I am more immune to emotional related situations, such as when my friends are taken hostage. It would allow me to think clearer so that I could free my friends before the enemies even know it.

After a couple of minutes, I opened my eyes, and turns out that we are still heading towards Nigeria. It's no wonder that Cairo and Nigeria is very far apart. They are not necessarily from tip to tip of the continent, but still very far. In the road, we encountered a couple of militants and monsters. Of course, they came after us. I really wanted to cast an invisibility magic on this car, but since we're in a completely different continent, casting magic here would require 5 times more mana, and I had wasted quite a huge portion of it making us travel from the airport to Cairo's stadium. Now I don't plan to cast anymore magic until we were closer to America continent.

Jarren looked panicked. "Umm... Melody? Could you cast an invisibility magic? The militants are chasing us!"

"I'm sorry but I can't." I told him. "I've used a good chunk of energy already getting from the airport to that stadium in Cairo."

"I thought your magic..."

"My magic is limited here." I told Jarren. "This is not my homeland. In America, my magic supply is near-limitless. But here in Africa, I am consuming 5 times more mana. Do you know how hard it was to draw mana supply from the lands that you hadn't recognize yet?"

"Umm... no." Jarren told me. "But... can you just at least make us go faster?"

"Acceleration magic... Yeah I could do that."

Acceleration magic is a magic that allows objects such as cars and motorcycles to go thrice its top speed at its maximum. That is, for this continent only, because if I were to go to other continents that are even further from America, I would have to consume more mana energy to do magic.

Anyways, I put both of my hands on the car and concentrated on accelerating this car to velocities thrice its top speed. I could feel the thrill of riding a very fast car as we raced against time to first get Mary and Josh to safety and then to blow up that stadium.

Apparently, there's a dust storm coming, and the militants retreated. We decided to outrun that dust storm before it hits us, so I put a little more magic into it and we went faster. I could tell Jarren is not liking this because he is screaming at me to make the car slow down.

After a few minutes, the dust storm apparently to just stopped there, and the dust storm is just a few meters away from hitting us.

Josh's P.O.V

"Yeah, that's right!" Michelle said, as she stared at me, drenched heavily in her sweat. She already washed me from her saliva and now she is making me wet again with her sweat.

"Mary!!" I said desperately to her. "Please stop!"

"She can't hear you, Joshy..." Michelle said, as she continued to tell Mary to work me out. She touched my neck, my chest, and she started to nibble on my chest. I moaned and everything blurred. I have to try to stay awake because I have to snap Mary out of it.

Melody's P.O.V

We hurried to Nigeria as we are on a race against time to save Josh. It was quite a journey.

After we have reached the stadium, we immediately entered, and I used my magical blueprint to map out every corner of the place. I found Josh with Mary and Mary's mother and we rushed towards that place.

As I opened the door, Mary's mother looked at me and glared at her daughter. "Kill her." Mary's mom said.

Mary did what she said, because she got up, picked up the bed with Josh on top of it, and throw it at me. I would have died if not for my fast reflexes, but thankfully I rolled to the side as the bed is stuck. Josh rolled over the stairs with his body drenched in saliva.

"Jarren! Deal with Mary's mother! I'll go get Josh bathed and cleaned!"

"YUCK!!" Josh yelled as he threw away some of the saliva to every direction. I used a barrier to block out the incoming saliva attack.

"Father!" I rushed towards him, sensing the nearest bathroom and dragged him there.

"Melody.. I..." Josh began.

"Shh... it's not your fault." I told him. "It's not Mary's fault either that you ended up like this." I told him.

As soon as I got to the nearest bathroom, I turned on the shower and started washing Josh with magical soap and shampoo. Within minutes, he was clean again.

"Thanks..." Josh said. "Now let's go! Mary is trying to get me again!"

"Not Mary. Her mother." I told Josh, and just then Mary smashed the wall beside me and looked at me seductively.

"Come here, Joshy!" Mary said, as we both run towards the control room. I used a magical barrier to block Mary from chasing Josh. I was exhausting way too much mana here, and I have to return to New York, where I can regenerate.

Mary did one or two hits before I have to let go of the magical barrier as I stepped out of the way.

Josh's P.O.V

I apparently was confronting Mary's mother, who is calling on Mary to m*l*st me once more. But this time I threw myself at her and wrestled her to the ground. Not bad for a guy that's 5'0 in height.

"Now, how did you get out of the underworld?" I asked her, glaring at her. "Why are you here?"

"Well, I have to say that I went through the doors of Orpheus when the underworld riot takes place. And I have to tell you.... Your wife, Jessica is dead."

"LIAR!!" I screamed as I slammed her head on the floor. She cringed in pain, but she say, "Oh Mary, turn on the Firework song!"

"NOO!!!" I slammed her head even harder as blood coming out of her scalp. I noticed then Mary is turning on the music, with the background music playing. Now it's a matter of time to turn it off before it plays.

Too late, the song had played, and I was in a trance.

I felt myself dancing to the song, and my whole body is glowing from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, violet, and back to red again.

Melody's P.O.V

I hear the Fireworks song is being played, and I was watching Josh that is dancing crazily. He was turning orange, then yellow, then blue, and he was singing wildly! Even Mary started to smile at him dancing.

"'Cause baby you're a firework!!" Josh began to sang as he slapped his own butt. Michelle came to him and Josh grabbed her hand and started dancing with her! I can't believe it.

Michelle started to struggle, but it's futile. I wonder what happened. Josh is in a trance now, but it seems that he wanted Michelle to dance with him, and Michelle can't pull her hands out of Josh.

"Mary! Turn that music off!" Michelle told her.

And Mary did, and Josh collapsed on the ground.

"JOSH!!" I rushed towards him as he collapsed on the ground. "Are you okay?"

Josh groaned as he shook his head. "It's... the firework song again, isn't it?"

I nodded.

Then I looked behind him. A girl just entered the stadium and shortly afterwards, she went invisible.

"Wait..." I said as I used my magic to try to locate where this girl went.

Apparently, this girl can run faster than Atalanta does. Could she be Atalanta? If so, then why is she invisible? I have to get to her.

Then her form flickered again, and she was visible again and she was in the control room. I flew to the control room and grabbed her from behind.

"Hey! What are you doing??" The girl said as she thrashed with immeasurable strength. This girl is indeed very very very strong! Almost as strong as Mary's I doubt.

"Just tell me what you're doing." I told her.

"I've gone a quest from Artemis." The girl said.

"A quest from Artemis? What could it be?" I asked.

"To shut down each and every Atalanta's stadium."

"Wait... that's precisely what we're doing!" I told her. "Wanna join our cause?"

"Yeah sure." The girl said as she ran over to Josh.

Josh's P.O.V

This is the second time I've heard the firework song, and everytime I dance like crazy. It's as if something inside me told me to dance whenever I heard that song.

Anyways, I saw this girl came to us, and I saw that she was in a previous encounter with Melody.

I stood up, and this girl ran at me with incredible speeds. At first I thought it's Atalanta, then I recognized her clothing and her traits of glowing silver as one of the Hunters of Artemis.

"Hello, my name is Diana Vasquez." The girl offered her hand.

"Nice to meet you." I said, offering my hand. She shook it. It felt like crushing my hand.

"Oww..." I silently muttered as she turned invisible.

"Mary! It's time to blow..."

Then an alarm sounded thatt his facility will self-destruct in 7 minutes. We all ran towards the front gate, which is now barricaded in a half-foot steel wall.

The hunter flickered back to visibility and she approached the gate and took a step back and she took 2 steps forward and punched the steel wall. The steel wall made a fist sized hole.

Mary joined, and as soon as Diana saw Mary, her eyes widen.

"Oh no.... no way." Diana looked at her, disgusted.

"What is it?" Mary asked.

"Who... are you?" Diana asked.

"I'm Mary Lester, it's nice to meet you." She offered her hand, and Diana shook it. Once they shook hands, Mary looked more surprised than ever.

"You know, I never met a girl that is very very very strong like you. You could be very useful in our team."

"Alright." Diana said, as she started punching and destroying the half-foot steel wall. Then, when the hole is large enough, she ripped it apart so Mary can fit.

"Nice!" Mary said as Diana go through the hole first. Mary went next and me and Melody and finally Jarren.

I did a headcount. Mary, Diana, Jarren, Melody and myself. Perfect. Then we ran out of the stadium and watched as the stadium exploded.

"I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce myself." Diana said. "My name is Diana Vasquez, and I'm a hunter of Artemis."

"Well, glad to have you on board, Diana Vasquez!" Jarren said, while brushing his hair. It's clear that Jarren likes her.

But seeing Jarren's gestures, Diana turned invisible.

Jarren's P.O.V

"What? Where did she go?" I asked.

Then I felt a sharp blade digging onto my neck and she turned visible. "You know, I had enough of this. I know your intention Jarren, and you're not going to get it."

"What intention?" I asked.

"Ohh.. you know... Attempted rape, adultery, stuff like that."

"No!! I never had that thought! Just let me go!" I panicked.

"Very well." Diana said, as she let me go and stood beside Josh and Melody.

Josh's P.O.V

I looked at this Diana girl. There's something unusual about her, like she is incredibly strong for her build and incredibly fast. She turned invisible.

Anyways, I saw Atalanta running towards us, and we braced ourselves.

"You...... you destroyed my stadiums!" Atalanta shrieked.

"You deserve it, Atalanta!" I glared at her. "You've been using those stadiums to kill people!"

"Better to kill rather than losing my virginity." Atalanta said.

"But you already did lose it." Melody said. "Remember? With Hippomenes?"

"Bah! those who wrote the history can't get it right. I won against him. I looked at him in the eye when I chopped his head off!"

Suddenly, Diana appeared and put a dagger onto her neck.

"Wait... where did you..."

"...come from? Ohh.. that's easy. I came behind you. I guess you're not expecting this, are you?"

Atalanta tried to elbow her in her head, but she quickly twist Atalanta's hand behind her with such force that Atalanta is wincing in pain.

"Why don't you go back to the underworld, where you came from?" Diana said. Once she said it, Atalanta slipped from her grasp and started to run."

"Not so fast!" Diana said, as she ran after Atalanta. I got to admit that Diana is very fast. She could easily outrun Atalanta. She gets closer and closer until Diana caught her again.

"Wait!! How did you..."

"Run faster than you? Let's just say that I'm a hunter of Artemis, and you're not." Diana said, as she kicked Atalanta as far as she could and she flew 40 meters away. "And... you better not do any of those stuff again, because if I found out you did, I will hunt you down and kill you."

Diana cloaked and after a few seconds, she's beside Melody and turned visible again.

"Well, time to return home." Diana said.

"Wait... how did you get here in the first place?" I asked Diana.

"Remember Mary's coin that could turn into any vehicle?" She said. "I sneaked in while invisible and hide behind Melody and Jarren. It's amazing no one noticed."

"Ohh.... you sneaky girl." Mary said as she looks like she's angry, but she regained her composure after a few seconds.

"Now, where to?" I asked.

"Alright... according to the map, we have to go to.... Orlando."

"But Orlando is near America! Why would..."

"I'm not sure either." Mary told us. "My scanner was obscured around Orlando previously. I think those stadiums are interconnected. We have to destroy the stadiums in sequence."

Then the scanner shows all of the stadiums there is in the world, and the red crosses indicates the destroyed stadiums. It turns out that most of the stadiums in Asia are destroyed (a total of 10 stadiums in Asia). The ones in Nigeria and Cairo, Egypt were the last ones. There are a couple more stadiums in United States, Canada, Alaska, and about 4 more in the Southern America.

"So, to Orlando?" I asked Mary.

"Yes." Mary told me.

Diana's P.O.V

We're all set to Orlando, and we're using Mary's Hercules-like plane again. This time, I wonder if there's any magical time dilation rooms where we could stay there and age one second every hour had passed.

Anyways, Mary flipped her coin and let it drop to the earth. Then an airplane the size of 4 times larger than the largest airplane is here. Mary went inside, then we all followed. I took the seat behind the first one and immediately turned completely invisible. Melody and Jarren sat in front of me as they started talking to each other about the days when they were young. I really wondered how they childhood were. I bet their childhood is better than mine, since they had a laugh about it.

I looked outside, looking at the wings and the beautiful view of the aircraft. Mary did the usual introduction and after a few minutes, we took off.

I remained invisible, while sitting behind Jarren and Melody, silently eavesdropping their conversation. I played with my bow and arrow. I fiddled with my bow (no, I can't see them, but that doesn't mean I can't feel them) and arrows. I went to the back seat and turned visible. I selected a heavy arrow, about 12 kilos in weight and fiddled with them. The bow is a longbow, and it's very deadly as the arrows was able to travel at 500 miles an hour. The strings in my arrow are still sturdy, and I'm sure they are still deadly when an arrow is loaded and shot at a monster. It's made of silver after all. For some reason, I felt that I am more than a hunter, like this invisibility ability wasn't granted by Artemis herself.

Then I tapped onto the screen in front of me, and checked the altitude of the plane. It was already 16000 feet and keeps going up. I turned invisible again and relaxed on the chair as I slept on the plane.

I saw Josh is going to the toilet, and as I watched, Mary is doing the same, but what is weird is that Mary went to the same toilet Josh is in. This is weird. I also saw Mary doing the same thing when she is departing to Africa, and I haven't had a chance to get in and investigate because when Mary and Josh gets in, they always appeared to go out within less than a second. The longest time they've been there is 3-4 seconds, which is very weird.

Josh's P.O.V

I went there to pee, but when Mary entered, the whole toilet became a luxury bed again, and I wasted no time to bolt for the door. Unfortunately, Mary is fast, as she grabbed my right hand and threw me at the bed.

"Perhaps I have to crush your legs so you can't run..." Mary said as she grabbed me very tightly. Mary hesitated for a while. "Wait... then I couldn't watch you writhing in agony, can't I?" Mary said.

I kept writhing, and struggling against her grasp. She grabbed a rope and then she tied me on the bed, and I tried to pull on the rope as hard as I can.

"What is this?" I struggled with all my strength. "Let me go!" I screamed.

"No, Joshy..." Mary said. "You haven't cured my br**st yet. I told you I will stop m*l*sting you if you have cured my br**st." Mary pushed her right br**st on me.

"MMMFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!" I muffled scream as the stress of my body is increasing far more than previously. My body was getting crushed more and more as her br**st digs deeper into me.

After about 10 minutes, she let me go of her br**st, and I tried to stand up, but my legs wobbled and fell down again. Mary brought me to the bed again and pressed my back with her massive arms, and I was pinned on the bed with tremendous amount of pressure.

"Please stop!" I said, pleading at her while trying desperately to counter her pressure. "I told you I will find a cure to it soon or later!"

"But you haven't, Joshy." Mary said. "And in that stadium was my only chance to cure it. Now, you will pay."

Diana's P.O.V

As expected, Josh and Mary came out again, and Josh sat right in front of me. He looked shaken, and he just sat down there, and he went to sleep. I sat here, invisible, as I watched over the horizon of the world we can view from above. I saw a ship, a large one, sailing across the ocean, and much smaller boats are being loaded inside the boat.

I saw the oceans, and dolphins swimming up as they came up for air. Then I looked back into the aircraft and decides to eavesdrop Melody and Jarren talking.

"Melody, how will we get to this stadium?" Jarren asked.

"The same way we're getting to the other stadiums." Melody said. "Let's use stealth on this one. I am getting readings about that place being heavily defended."

I turned visible and walked to where they're sitting and sat next to them.

"Hello, Diana." Melody said.

"Hello guys. What are you up to?"

"Just discussing about our plan of attack." Melody said. "Here," Melody showed me a map of Orlando, and a red fiery light lights up the area where Atalanta's stadium is. "This is Atalanta's stadium in Orlando. This is where we are going next."

"Alright." I said.

Melody looked up and down at me, as if examining me. "Hey, you got some potential for magic." She said. "Wanna learn some?"

I was surprised to hear that someone actually said that I have a potential for magic. This is weird because Artemis once said that I also have a potential for magic and that I have to train.

"Sure!" I said delighted.

"How about we learn Ventriloquism? It's useful when you want to lure other monsters away from you." Melody said. "Just say, Incantare: Ventriloquus." After she said that, her voice seemed to be coming off the window, where she pointed. "Point to where you want people to hear it from." As she pointed to the ceiling, the voice seemed to be coming off from the ceiling. "But remember." Her voice seemed to originate from her again. "It only works for as long as you point your fingers. And.... please do whisper it. When you're hiding and cloaked, you don't want people to hear you."

"I'll give it a try." I told Melody. I pointed towards the ceiling and whispered, "Incantare: Ventriloquus." As she spoke some phrases, it really did originate from the ceiling, and when she pointed at the cabin, it really did originate from the cabin.

"Now, you can even enchant your bow and arrows to make almost no sound when firing, or even make it explode violently in mid-air. To make it explode in mid-air, say: Incantare: aer Rumpere."

"Cool!" I said. "Can you teach me more magic once we're done here?"

"Sure thing!" Melody told her. "We have a magic practice arena in our Camp."

After about 8 hours, we have reached Orlando, and to stop Atalanta from making stadiums and killing people for once and for all.