Aya Amaya
Mad Sister Brijae Amaya
The Daughter of Thanatos
Revenge Seeker
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 8/23/98
Current age 15 forever
Gender Female
Family I don't have a family
Status Dead
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black and Purple
Skin Color ghostly pale
Height 5'4
Weight 107lbs.
Build skinny and fragile almost like a porcelain doll
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation The Shadows
Weapons chainsaw
Species Cursed soul
Home No where
Appearances your dreams
Quests -----------------


I struggled as hunger came upon me. I was tired and I didn't have any more air to breathe. I was sea sick and I knew when I was drifting. I prayed one last time. I prayed to death. I didn't want to die in the gods hands, I wanted sick revenge on every soul that ever caused me harm. I want the last one to be the Daughter of Chaos. I want her to suffer the worst. Want her to know how much I hate her for turning my family and corrpting them into something I hate. I want her to feel how I feel now. Confined, helpless, out of options, and breath taken. I laugh as the stuffy air ang hunger overwhelm my skinnied body. I close my eyes and greet death. I open my eyes and the Grim Reaper, Thanatos greets me with a dark smile. "So you wish to get revenge on the Daughter of Chaos? An indestructible being?" "Quite." "Then I'll grant you this. You will b like my child doing my dirty work. You will kill the daughter of chaos and if you fail I'll make you pay forever in the fields of Punishment, it'll be worse than anything you've ever experinced Aya." I nod. I'm already filled with happiness and a darkened heart as he gives me the power of a Reaper. "You will do some of the Reapers jobs and do your own dirty work. This will be your death scythe my daughter." He hands me a chainsaw and smiles. "Remeber if you fail it'll feel worse than this." He puts a hand on me and I feel him stealing away everything and my blood boils. I feel like I'm about to burst. I shove his hand back and hiss. He smiles and hands me a paper. "Your victims, my daughter." I smile and look around. "The Underworld is such a bore wouldn't you rather go out and reap?" "No I have other plans. Go Aya before I change my mind." I think of where I want to be and stare down my first victim. I'll make this one bloody :D and I'll treat all my victims as if they were my Mad sis, Brijae~!

Ghostling Edit

Being a ghost has a lot of advantages. I can be invisible and I have supernatural powers, plus I can see other dead beings I can kind of do whatawever I want basically. Sometimes when I appear to my victims or just people period they think that I look like a doll, so I call myself the porcelain reaper. It has stuck too even my father calls me it.

「Mad Father」 Old Doll 【English】02:13

「Mad Father」 Old Doll 【English】

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