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Black Throne is a story that relates the tale of Markeys Williams and his struggles along the way to understanding his greater purpose in life.  The story is shown to be a series of obsticales and mysteries packed into a great world filled with multiple divisions of gods and villians.


Markeys Williams is a troubled kid. After his fifthteenth birthday, he has felt a strange ting of bitterness and a hollowed out feeling inside of him. But when he is thrusted into a world filled with adventure and finds out the truth about himself, he begins to understand a greater purpose in life.

Sarah Rodriguez is a beautiful and talented girl. Her special ability appearantly is to annoy Markeys, but what happens when she shows him up at practically everything he does, can she redeem herself in his eyes or will he end up hating her? Sarah is also known to have a greater purpose in life and is by far an extrodinary girl.

Ian Schamder is a powerhouse. He is known as the full package. He is handsome, clever, funny and smart. He accels at practically everything he does and seems to be even a decient person all together. But can there be such a thing as too perfect for Ian or is he just bound to be the best out of them all.

Elements Edit

Black Throne is the symbol that Markeys draws his powers from. It is the single thing that can also help him charge his powers and draw in enough energy to defeat anyone and anything that opposes him. The Black throne is not just symbolic but also represents a deity in Greek Mythology.

Horous a symbolic relic that is a small medalion of the Egyptian God Horous. This relic is known to be powerful enough when used by the right person.

Book of Elements is a symbol that gives the uses all the power of the pathenon gods of thier choosing. This book also holds the secrets to the creation of many deities and the forces of nature. If the book were destroyed the pathenon gods would forever seize to exist.

Talismens a way for the egyptians to scribe their names so that way they will never forget it. In Egyptian stories it is told that many kings and pharohs would use it to label themselves as a true heir or ture king. Many Magicians also have talismens to channel more magic.


Black Throne Chapter 01.

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