Note: I am not writing a history for Blossom because it would take to long, and it would be to many paragraphs. So I'll just leave you to your imagination to figure out what happened to her in the past.

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Blossom Knight
"Just because my father is old, doesn't mean that his children are useless. We're the most powerful demigods around, and I'm about to show you why."
Daughter of Anguta
Demon Host
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth January 23rd, 1845
Current age 14 (Looks)

168 (Really)

Gender Female
Family Mother- Dead

Father- Anguta

Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Skin Color White
Height 5'9
Weight 118
Build Gymnast
Alias Bloom
Affiliation Hunter, Killer, Murderer, etc.
Weapons Two Daggers made from Imperial Gold and Stygian Iron
Species Demigoddess
Home No where and everywhere
Appearances ~To come~
Quests 50+


Blossom is known to only care about herself and none others, she is a ruthless bloody killer and is proud to call herself the Daughter of Anguta. She has a whole basement full of human dolls that were her victims, she uses them as training or sometimes to pose as other people in the house she lives in.

She finds comfort in the undead and non-living, she enjoys the quiet and peace and doesn't like loud noise or music and tries to stay calm. She only let's herself become full of anger and rage when the demon inside of her breaks out and takes control of her body.


Blossom carries around two daggers that her father made for her when she turned the age of 7, she has been training and killing with these daggers for as long as she can remember. She also uses these daggers for almost anything and everything.

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