Brijae Amaya
"Beauty has a price.." ~hgp
The Daughter of Chaos
The chainsaw Weilder
The heartless bitch
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 10/24/99
Current age 14
Gender Female
Family *shrugs*
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Black ^^haha
Height 5'9
Weight 125lbs
Build Skinny
Alias {{{alias}}}
Weapons Infinite chainsaws
Species Demigod
Home Everywhere
Appearances NOne
Quests NOne

Chainsaw WeilderEdit

I look innocent? That's the point. People trust me so easily then I stab them in the back and make them feel like crap. I'm the daughter of Chaos and Chainsaws. They're my favorite weapons for my victims...I mean friends. You can't catch me without atleast six on me. You won't even see it coming, it'll just be boom you're dead~! Ahahahahha! As the daughter of chaos I can do a lot of htings normal demigods can't. I'm a controling manipulative bitch and hopefully you don't cross paths with me. When I was a youngling my mom was so scared of me that she gave me away, she legit put me in front of a persons house in a basket with instructions and who my daddy was. Ugh I got her back for that a few years later though. My family was way to good natured so I turned them bad. Brought them to the dark side if you will. I still don't consider myself to have a family either. I didn't know I was different until I'd started going to school and when I was much older. They legit kept it from me...the bastards~! In school I was always doing something bad and being the evil one that didn't do what I was told and the other kids weren't like that, so eith er I fought them drove them out of town or turned them to the dark side if they seemed worth my time, but most didn't. Ahahahaha~! Teachers blame my parents for my bad nature too so I look even more innocent~! And my "sister" Aya was just not having it. She somehow broke out of the darkside and tried to pull the rest of her family out. This, ofcourse, was a problem. The family would be mad and I'd be sent away again. I didn't feel like starting over after all the disorray I've already caused here~! I took Aya in her slee, gagged her, tied her up, but her in a box, taped it up and covered i in steel. I then sent her adrift in the vast ocean and made sure there were no air bubbles or food. I wrote a note and put it on the table of our house. It was from Kayla...not really. It said that she was tired of this goody family and that she was going off and if they ever came to look for her she'd kill herself. That drove them to insanity ofcourse and they stayed in the darkside even in the The Fields of Punishment. I'd kept track of the box with my powers and went to find the body. She was a skeleton in just a midst of a year. I burried her body in their backyard so she could haunt them then I went off on my own. I'm not going to some stupid camp for goodies, I'll just be off on my own.


The ever mysterious girl

Now and daysEdit

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