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[[Category:Freeman23freeman23]] Camp Nexus, formerly Medea's Mall in Chicago, is the central Hub for demigods of all mythologies excluding none. 


Camp Nexus is the Central Hub for all Demigods regardless of the mythology they belong to. Children of Gods, Demons, Immortals, Titans, Protegnoi, Monsters, and Spirits are all accepted here and transfered by a network of magical subway systems beneath the Camp to camps around the world that support the required mythology. 

However, Camp Nexus also supports the largest demigod community in the world as their are many demigods and ect, which are of mixed mythological backgrounds and therefore cannot be present at any particular Camp because of their mixed heritage. 

Therefore, Camp Nexus supports the mixed heritage of beings and demigods from the mixed mythologies of the world. 

However recently though within the past 2 years Camp Nexus is over crowded now with females and males sharing massive 5 level bunk beds ussually a hundred to a room, and 20 bunks. The mess hall is similar to the locatioon of the cafeteria, and much of the fomerly glisting arichtechure of the mall has become tarnished and slighlty battle damaged. 

Every Friday is the great games in which the magic of the subways is turned off and all the campers get to practice fightning skill in a similar game of capture the flag played deep below in the massive sewers systems and water treatment plants deep below the mall. 

Notable MembersEdit

  • Alexander Scalar
  • Hunters of Artemis
  • Sarcirenzi Jacovi
  • Andrew Pitt
  • Alexia Vianna

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