I'm fifteen years old and I currently am staying at camp half blood. I was born June 19, 1830. It's funny how I came to be in camp in 2008. I was fighting with Chiron about our dress code and terrible rules. He was really mean back then. My friend Violet had slapped him and we stormed to the lake. Ofcourse I was going with her. She's hawt and she's my friend. We both knew we'd be in trouble when we got back. But we never came back. We were swimming in the lake when two giant waves met us in the middle and we came up in a new camp. A new camp with different things and no dress code! I yipped and enjoyed the new place, but Violet wanted to go back because we didn't belong. I kept trying to convince her. Look at these machines they made with music and cords connected! How fascinating?!

Backgorund Check Edit

Dane comes from the future *waves hands in the air dramatically*. 1850 to be precise. He's starting to get use to this future. Chiron isn't mean and girls wear strange clothes.What's not to love? He sleeps whenever he's in his cabin or eating, but never in a huge predicament of the sort. Dane is the son of a Isa and Hypnos. Isa is his mom. She died back in their time, but Dane hasn't found out yet. He lived in a time where at camp you had to wear uniforms. Boots and jeans. It was such a monarchy their and Chiron always gave him a hard time because he never followed the rules. He wanted to change the camp. He and Violet were going to run away from camp and instead a special wave at the lake sent them to the future *waves arms again*

Dane Rush

Son of Hypnos, 15

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