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Ean Swift: A New World
Ean Swift
Son of Hermes
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth July 24
Current age 16
Gender Male
Family Lina Swift (Mother)
Hermes (Father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black/Brown
Skin Color Fair
Height 5'9
Weight 132 lbs
Build Slender
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Weapons Hammer (rarely)
Celestial Bronze Sword
Species Demigod
Home New Jersey (Hometown)
Manhattan (Current Home)
Camp Half-Blood (Summer Home)
Appearances None
Quests None

Ean Swift: A New World is a story about Ean Swift and his transformation between his normal everyday life and his new life amongst gods and monsters. He also learns more about his father throughout this story. This begins his long and lived out story of becoming a hero.


A prophecy indicating Ean's first entrance.

  1. A child with great speed shall arrive
  2. he shall have great talents as the time is deprived
  3. A wise oak shall be scathed with his name
  4. As the young ones learn who is the real one in flame

Unraveling the prophecy.

  1. Ean, being a son of Hermes arrives at Camp Half-Blood.
  2. Ean, has various talents; the rest is unknown.
  3. Someone will be harmed due to Ean's actions.
  4. the demigods will learn who the real enemy is.

Ean Swift: A New WorldEdit

Gazing up at my bedroom ceiling, I awoke from yet another mysterious dream. I didn't understand it very well, but for some strange reason, I could picture a man sporting a track star suit. He seemed to resemble me very well, but considering that was I could remember, I decided to let that god.

Rising up from my bed, I stretched and took a quick walk to my bath room doorway. Hopping up, I took hold of my pull up bar and began to start my early morning ritual. I had done this ever since I was thirteen, which was about two years ago. After finishing up my sixth rep, I hopped down and began doing some push ups. With my first sixty done, I decided to go down stairs and get a bottle of water.

I was down dressed in my black sweat pants and starting to musk up my white t shirt. From what my friends at school say, I was muscular. Which wasn't something I could complain with. I quickly slid down the stair banister and made a perfect landing at the bottom of the staircase.

"Mom!" I called out, unaware if she was still home.

"I'm taking a shower!" She called out from her bathroom.

I quickly took a left turn and made my way into the kitchen and took a a bottle of water. After taking a quick drink, I smiled and made my wa up the stairs and back to my bed room. Once I was in my room, I cut straight to the bathroom, hopped in the shower and quickly rinsed myself off.

I had been too focused on working out lately, I had started to get a forgetful mind. Even this was something I'd forget, but for some strange reason, I'd always be ready to go before the bus stopped.

After finishing my shower, I picked up my blue toothbrush and whipped up some toothpaste. Soon after this, I began brushing my teeth until three minutes were up. Attentive to the time, I smiled as I dropped my towel and began to pick out my clothes. I had always had a unique style, which seemed to come off to many people as popular.

Three minutes, that's how long it took for me to get ready, say good morning and good bye to my mom, Lina, and also get a cereal bar. As I headed toward the bus, I noticed my best friend, Chris as I got on the bus.

Just as the bus pealed away, I sat down next to my best bud. He was this cool kid. He had mop-like black hair and a cool personality. He was always calm about things, even when it came to basketball.

"Sup man!" I said.

"Dude, that's the hundred eighth time the bus almost left you." Chris remarked. "You really need to set your alarm earlier."

"Yeah, I don't have, dude. Remember its all mental" I pocked my head as if to say Its never going to happen . "Besides, I can't plan things like that, I like the rush anyways, it helps me out. Keeps me at my toes. Remember two more days and school is over for the year! I can't wait till I can start my boxing lessons!"

"Boxing?!" Chris wondered. "Dude how many things are you gonna be doing next year! You've already got the title as the most athletic kid in school and don't forget your famous when it comes to basketball, so what next?"

"I don't know, I'm just always looking for something new. Besides, it doesn't mean I'm gonna do it next year."

"Yeah," Chris smirked. "Because you never get hooked onto sports."

"Dude, I don't know, but I can't wait." I smiled. 


Arriving at school, I noticed many of my friends around. Logan, Crystal, Marcus and even Jose. They all seemed to be hanging out by the steps. Walking towards them, I smiled. "Sup guys!"

"Ean!" Logan cheered.

"Swift!" Crystal sheriked. She has had a crush on me ever since we were in elementrary school. Its not that I haven't noticed, but the thing about it was, that I never felt the same way about her. She was always like a little sister to me, if not a very close personal friend. I could seriously tell her anything, and even with that, i still was shown to be a bit heavy when it came to helping her out with other guys.

Walking up to her I gave her a good-old fashioned bear hug as she squeezed tightly. I smiled, as I released her and gave my friends the good arm hugs.

"So what's up for today?" I asked.

"After school, we're thinking about going to Steve's and get a slice of Pizza, you in Ean?" Logan asked.

"I'm down!" I said. "Hey, but what about our basketball equiptment, don't we need to give it to coach?"

"Nah, he said that you and me could keep it, since we were definitely going to be on the team next year. But Chris, he did say that he wanted your's by the end of the day." 

"Yikes!" Marcus commented.

"That's gotta hurt." Jose added in.

"No problem." Chris replied. "I doubt I'd be playing ball next year anyway, besides, I want to try out for baseball."

"Yeah," I sighed. "Coach Traveras is looking for a good in-fielder, maybe you could give it a shot!" 

"In-fielder, huh. I might look into it." Chris said.

Gazing at the growing swarm of coming traffice, I smiled. "Let's head inside."

After first period, things went weird. I had a strange feeling like something was going to go bad. Then I saw it. The thing was a giant. At first I thought it was Crio, this giant that I had met when I was thirteen, but after sometime I noticed it was biger and uglier.

It wasn't even the same species as Crio. This thing had one eye, rather than two. Quickly I rose up to my feet at felt a wave of an unbarible odor. Logan was tried to calm me down, but for some reason my ears didn't hear anything he was saying. Quietly, I approached him and then it happened. He attacked me. It was him that threw the first punch. In a wave of speed and force, I flew across the hall way and landed at the base of the hallway lockers. Stammering up, I noticed Logan was holding a sword.

"What did I tell you?!" Logan murmured. "I said forget about him!"

"What is it?" I asked getting up to my feet. Still feeling like a truck had crashed into me.

"The thing is called a cyclopes. Most of the time they are underground but other times, they are active in the city, my question is, why did you go provoking it?"

"It seemed to draw me closer. But I have a question, why are you holding that sword? And why are you acting like this is all fairly easy on you. aren't you amazed?"

"Not at all." Logan turned back. "To you, this is abnormal, to me, I've seen worse. I'm a Demigod, after all." Quickly he charged at the beast as he slashed at its legs trying to disarm it. Luckily the Cyclopes had caused enough of a ruckus that everybody had ran away, only leaving me and Logan to settle the score. 

In a quick slap, the creature disarmed Logan causing him to slip up, the blade made its way to my feet as I watched the cyclopes crush my friend. I grabbed the blade, and charged.

I had never done any fencing, and from what I know, my skills were only good in speed and defense, but I was pretty good at offense. I quickly slashed its left arm as I landed. Quickly, I jumped and made my way to it's head. I slashed at its big eye ball four to five times before it, let Logan go. In a quick slap, I plummited to the ground injuring my back and gasping out of pain. The creature, grasped the blade and snapped it within its fingers as It let out a battle roar.

Afraid for my life, I rose to my feet, I could've taken Logan and ran for the hills, but I didn't want to be another tragic cleshe. Running at my top speed, I jumped and pushed the cyclopes down as it roared in pain. Grabbing at its eye, I pulled until the eye ball popped out.

In a shroud of golden sand the cyclopes was destroyed, as I smashed the cyclopes eye. Pain shivered up my back as I rose up to my feet. "Hey! Logan! Are you alright?!" I called out.

"Yeah." He said right behind me. "I'm alright, but we gotta go."

"What do you me gotta go? Where?" I asked.

"This thing wasn't alone, besides normally things like this aren't normal. It's usually easy to defeat a cyclopes, when you run into a minotaur then its hard."

"A WHAT?!" I wondered completely out of thought.

"No worries, let's go, We can take a short cut, follow me." He took a deep breath and began walking down the hall until we reached his locker.

"Ok. So what now?" I asked.

"I had a child of Hecate create a portal directly to camp, when I put in a special combination on my locker. Watch carefully, this will allow us to get to camp fast if anything ever happens. The combination is 04-16-32. This isn't something unusual."

In a brisk lock snap, the locker began to glow a harsh orange color unitl it became a vortex of swerling aura. "Where does it lead?" I asked.

"To Camp Half-Blood. Oh and I should tell you about the prophecy. Since you seem to be a child of Hermes."

"Ok, seriously dude, you're starting to tick me off, and come on you know me. I rarely get ticked off. So tell me who you really are?"

"I am Logan, one of your best friends, a demigod son of Ares. I also seem to have recently earned the title as the head councler of the Ares cabin. I know a lot about monsters and pretty much to sum up, you are the child of a Greek god and a human, also known as a half-blood or like I said before demigod."

"Ok, so why did that thing draw me to it?" I asked.

"Because of your unusual nature. you seem to be a rare demigod, because of what you can do without knowing your true nature. You are a demigod. You seem to have many abilities that resemble children of Hermes, except the appearance."

"What are you saying I'm ugly?"

"The contrary, you are shockingly more attractive than your half-brohters. Even the children of Aphrodite will be attracted to you." Logan remarked arrogantly.

"Aphrodite?" I recited with a smiled. "The goddess of love and beauty. She must have some children that are beautiful. right?"

"Yea, and abit self-centered."

"Interesting, they might be my next project. I'm starting to like this whole thing about the camp, so when can we go?"

"Give it a minute, this thing always messes up, now listen carefully. I want to tell you the prophecy: A child with great speed shall arrive, 'he shall have great talents as the time is deprived, 'A wise oak shall be scathed with his name, As the young ones learn who is the real one in flame."

"So you think, I'm this child with great speed?"

"Dude, what you just did wasn't anything less than extrodinary. Besides it's not much to come from. Even I didn't believe it, but you do have some interesting powers. You were even able to see the cyclops, and survive your fight with it."

"I have ADHD. I've never been able to sit still, that's also why I do many sports."

"Yeah, I know, that's also something that many demigods possess." Logan replied. Gazing at the locker, he smiled. "Look the portal is ready, we're gonna go to Camp Half-Blood through this, just stick close, the portal isn't accurate all the time, so if your not close by, you could be sent somewhere else."

"Yeah, yeah. Let's get this shown on the road." I replied as we both entered the portal and instantly disappeared.


When we arrived, I was abit disappointed. I had thought we were going to arrive ontop of a table or some cool flashy moment where everyone would look at us, and think we were gifts sent from Gods. But in actualality we arrived on a hill, close to some kind of fresh-smelling barrier. From what I saw the camp was pretty cool. We walked around heading straight for longer than I though.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"Camp Half-Blood, this is the safe house to all demigods in the world. You can live here without having to worry about monsters or being killed. Although most demigods don't live till their adults, most that do decide to leave by a certain age."

"What age?"

"Twenty-one." He replied. "Come on keep up, don't lag behind."

I smiled as a bunch of beautiful girls walked by giggling and waving. As I passed by them, I waved back and held my signiture smile. I had never seen girls that beautiful before, they reminded me of all the top models and actresses in Hollywood.

"Dude, those girls . . ."

"Children of Aphrodite, But you should be careful they are deadly."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I'll explain later, right now we gotta meet with someone, I hope we're not to late."

After our long walk, we arrived at a big blue house. It was old fashion, the pain was thick and dryed out and from the looks of it, it seems to resemble and old 1950's summer house for old people. Before I could make a move, Logan halted me. "Just watch."

In front of us, was a man in a wheelchair. He seemed to have shaggy brown hair and a thick goatee, but from the looks of him, he seemed to be very relaxed. His eyes were brown and full of wisdom as he attempted to move, I realized he was going to fall.

"Dude, what are you doing?" I called out, "We have have to help him!"

"Just wait." He held me back. "You're about to witness something amazing. When he finishes then we will talk to him." I turned and watched the man as he rose from teh wheelchair. In a sudden bright light, his legs morphed untill it grew. Suddenly I saw something diffeerent. I saw a white stallion's body on the ground where his wheelchair was at. He was just riding, no wait, he was the horse itself. The man was half- horse.

My eyes widened to see what he is.

"Chrion!" Logan called out, as he ran towards him.

I pedeled my way towards him as well , trying to take in this new life of mine. I had never seen anything like this but even I was't about to reveal awe. I silently held my exasperation as I gazed at the man.

"Chiron, this here is Ean. He is a son of Hermes, and a demigod to have know most of his abilities."

"Oh?" Chrion gazed at me. "That's great, Welcome to Camp Half-Blood. I'm the Camp's activities director, and known as the trainer to heroes. I'm glad you made it here safely."


"Logan it seems like part of your prophecy might have already been completed, now all that's left is for you to figure out the rest of it. I'm glade you were successful."

"Thank you sir." Logan smiled.

"Nevertheless, make sure you are well enough minded to know the limits of your prophecy." Chiron smiled. "Oh, and could you do me the favor, and show Ean here around, he might need a few hands on practice, shown him the camp grounds and take him to the Hermes cabin."

"Sure thing, Come on Ean, I'll show you around."

"Nice meeting you." I called back at Chiron as we went off.


The entire camp was amazing. I had gotten to see most of it, on my way towards the Cabins. I saw the lake in the distance, a sopposed monster infested forest, and a horrad of cabins closing in. For most of it the camp was pretty interesting. We had passed the Lava rock climbing wall twice, and I had been facinated with it.

"Wow, dude how many times do you guys get to rock climb?" I asked in awe.

"Not much, normally we just play capture the flag, and have a pretty easy summer. Normally something weird comes up, with someone havinng to go on a quest that could destroy the world, but from what I've heard all the times something goes bad, its always good by the end of the summer."

"NIce, I'd love to go on a quest, do you get to kill monsters every time?"

"Not all the time, but if your a powerful demigod they will find you quickly."

"I'm pretty powerful!" I said as I muscled up. "You know I can bench two caddies."

"Not based on strength based on power. Power is important rather than strength, by that standards I would be the strongest demigod at camp. Which I'm not."

"Oh." I said abit disappointed. It was obvious that things here weren't as awesome as they might have been, but because of the whole Cyclopes thing, I still wanted to believe things could be different.

"So are there any girls here at camp that you like?" I asked.

"Well, there was someone, she's the wisest, most determined and head strong person you'll ever meet." Logan said in a mellow tone. For some reason, I had a feeling like this person wasn't in his life anymore, but then I saw something else, he was sad.

"Dude, she dumped you?!" I announced, at that moment everyone in the area looked at us like we were freaks, which I could've taken from normal humans, but we were all the same which confused me.

"Chill out. Her name is Lesette and you'll meet her soon. But remember the whole thing about our code."

"Yeah, not a problem, besides I want a crack at the daughter of Aphrodite."

"Which one?"

"One?" I asked. "What do you mean?"

"You aren't seriously thinking in persuing all of them?!" He yelled at me.

"What's wrong with that, you said not to get attached, so I'm not getting attached."

"Let's go meet up with your brothers." He murmured.


The cabin of Hermes was a dump. I walked in to see various peices of trash on the floor. Clothes spread everywhere and I wasn't liking the idea of being left here to live for the rest of the summer. I gazed at Logan as he held a triumphant smile. It was like he knew this was something I was looking forward to.

Logan walked in as he made hsi way to the tallest kid in the room. He wasn't that much taller than me, but considering his hair was blonde and his eyes were sparkling blue, we did kinda look alike.

"Hey, Logan what brings you around these parts? Ready to play another round of Battle Ops?"

"Nah, Besides after being creamed 372 times, I doubts I'd want to mess with you." Logan commented. "I'm actually here, because I've got another brother for you. This is Ean Swift."

"Swift, huh? I guess your mother really did like Hermes." the kid said.

"What do you mean? That's my mom's last name, Lina Swift."

"Ugh, that's actually a last name that Hermes owned, he often makes up personas and decides to offer up his last name to people who he truly loves. Hermes actually created many for the fact that he wanted children of his to have his last name. Even if it meant him having many. Hermes is weird like that, we actually have all seen him once in our lives."

"For real!" I said with enthusiasm. "That's great! How is he like?"

"Well for a god, he has many personalities, but he is about as human as they get, considering he spends most of his times around humans, he isn't one to forget his duties. But he did do that a couple years ago, or so he told me."

"What happened?"

"He said he spent almost three years stretching himself then, that was about twelve years ago, though."

"How old are you?"

"I'm seventeen." The boy said. "Sorry about that, let's start over, I'm Taylor, the son of Hermes and counsiler of Hermes."

"Wow, so can I ask you one more thing?" I said rhetorically. "Why is this cabin so messy?"

"Yeah, we're not the best at being clean. I always try to get people motivated, but even on cleaning days, we can't get anything better than a 1 on the scale. We're a messy bunch, you try fitting in twenty teenaged boys in a confined space for an entire summer."

"Ugh, who is this kid anyways, he sounds annoying." An unknown voice called from the confaters on a near by bed. Rising up from the pile of confaters, was a teenaged boy. He was about my age. He had black hair and blue  eys, he seemed to also be lazy and annoying.

"Why don't you just challenge him then? I mean if you want to have some authority throughout this cabin, act like it and stop being some hypocrit."

"That's Alex, he's a little hard around the edges, but don't worry he'll learn to respect you. I bet him when it came to being the counsiler during his reign."

"He seems lovely."

"You should also know that Hermes is also the god of theives." Taylor added. "He is known to help and protect travelers, merchants and all types of theives. He isn't against anyone."

"Hmph, that's not good." I replied. "But what this kid here said, I'd like to challenge you for the cabin. If I win, then we all clean this place up and maintain it clean, if I lose I'll live with this. Deal?"

"Take it!" Alex jumped. "It doesn't matter how fast this kid is, or athletic, I've been here three years and Taylor has been here two, he is the best of Hermes not one person on this planet can beat him!"

"Deal!" Taylor shook my hand as I smiled, knowing exactly how to beat him.

Logan turned. "Alright then, lets get going toward the forest, the race would be of distance from the forest to the center flag."


We arrived at the forest in no time. After taking in a few runner's streching poses, I smiled  at Taylor as I got out my best poses. I knew I was going to win. It was obvious who was the better runner. I had all the cardiovascular endurace you could count on. That's all you needed to win a distance race. This was going to be like taking candy from a baby.

Logan stood a few feet away from us, as he held up a starters pistol up to the sky. He counted down as he readied us. "On your mark," He pressed his finger against the trigger. "Get set," Slowly releasing the trigger it fired. In a blast of shot, he called it. "Go!"

In a burst of speed, the two of us raced off. I took the lead as I matched Taylor in everyway. This wasn't the first time I had overestimated my opponent. Yes, it is overestimated, I had thought he would do better, but for somereason he was worse. Qucikly I put a halt on my speed as I tugged along. Slowly, I let him pass me as My feet began to slow dowm. This had never happened before.

No! Don't stop now! Keep running you stupid feet. Make it Make it! In a click of my feet, I burned out. I couldn't understand what was happening but, for some strange reason I was running faster than I had ever thought possible. In a speed way dust cloud, I passed Taylor and made my way towards the cabins. In a quick slow passed halt I touched the flag pole beamed right passed it and headed directly towards the Cabin of Zeus.

In a quick pull to the ground, I slid and fell to the ground grazing my hands and cheek. Huffing and puffing, my hands were blooded and beaten. Smiling up at the sky, I laughed. I turned to notice Taylor reaching the flag pole as he slumped over and took a deep breath.

Everyone gazed at us, as they realized what had happened. I had won the Hermes Cabin challenge. I smiled, as I gazed at my hands to realize another hand was right at my face. It was Taylor's.

"Hey, your definitely a child of Hermes, Welcome to Hermes, Head Counsiler Ean Swift."

I smiled as I grasped his hand as winced the pain away. Gazing at him in the eyes, I murmured. "I need to get some bandages and rubbing alcohol."

"No need, we have something way better, the wounds won't be there at all." He smiled. "But let's get you ready for tonight's amphitheater."

"Nice." I whispered as the entire cabin of Hermes raced back to towards the cabins.


After having, a fresh shower, taking in the sights and admiring the beautiful daughters of Aphrodite, most of my day was pretty much over. I began to wonder how my mother had been taking in the fact that I wasn't going home anytime soon. With my relaxation time over, My cabin headed out towards the ampitheater as we headed out.

Seeing as I was recently proclaimed Head counsiler, Taylor and I walked side by side, as he told me exactly where we were going. I had seen the ampitheater a couple times, but didn't know it was actually what it appeared.

As demigods filed in to the bleachers edged into the hill top, I smiled and made my way to the front, where my cabin decided to sit tonight. It seemed to be in order for something special.

Taking my seat, Logan shook his head rejecting my decision. "No, you don't get to sit tonight. You actually have to stay standing and make sure you get up there, Chrion would like to present you to all of them camp."

My eyes widened with shock, as I rose up and headed toward the fire. After smiling, I waited until the centuar, that's what Logan had told he was, appear out of the dark shade of background.

"Thank you." He murmured in my direction as he galloped up and held his hand up for silence. Every one stopped talking and payed attention to him. This man must've had the power to destroy even us, half-gods if he had that much respect.

"Thank you all, As you all may know, we have a new demigod amongst us today. His name is Ean Swift, he is a child of Hermes and said to have risen up in his cabin's reputation in only one night!" He gestured me to move forward. "Ean, please tell us more about your recent race."

"I ugh," I stammered. I never had to make such a public speech, at least not to this many teenagers who didn't know me or weren't a fan of me. I mean I had many fans.  But this was just me against them.

"I had a race with Taylor, son of Hermes, and I seemed to have a sharp burst of speed, inabling me to control my speed, I eventually had to stop by using my hands and leaning forward."

"I see," Chrion nodded. In a breaken of light, I noticed a man standing in front of me, where I had once been sitting. He had a purple gaze in his eyes, almost like he had drank something unraveling.

He wasn't interested, but seemed to feel anger. He gazed up at the sky, then he held a keen look in his eyes almost as if he were waiting for something. The man seemed to have a hawiian shirt and a pair of cargo shorts. He also seemed to have messy black curls of hair and a deep and pungent odor of Diet Coke.

Realizing the beacon of light on me, I gazed at my clothes to see that I was now fashionable. I had a pair of brand new sneakers, a unique scarf wrapped around my neck, a crisp new shirt and a pair of western jeans. My eyes widened as I realized this wasn't a dream. Gazing up at my head a burning symbol appeared. It was a medical symbol. I had seen it before. It was inspired by a greek god. . .

"Why do I have a medical symbol above my head?" I asked.

Chiron laughed. "That is the symbol of Hermes, you've been officially claimed as a child of Hermes." Chiron clapped. "Hail, Ean Swift, son of Hermes, and the new counsiler of the Hermes Cabin!"

At that moment, everyone rose up to give me a congradualtory clap before, I gazed at the mysterious man.

Smiling, he rose to his feet and held up his hand. Suddenly the clapps died until nothing was left. He smiled, but the smile wasn't genuine. It was like he was intimidating me. Slowly he walked up to me as he held up his purple eyes at me. "You seem to be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you, but I do intentionally hate you."

"Are you a god?"

"What an amusing thing to say. I am not just a god, but the one god that has a burning hatred for demigods, even if my origins are the same I still hate them in total. I am D."

"What?" I asked. "That doesn't make any sense."

"You figure it out, all I will give you is one letter, but for the mean time, you can call me Mr D."


"As for the rest of you, I don't feel in the mood for a camp half blood tradintional game of capture the flag, so can we all just agree to get something good to eat, and then go to bed." He announced. In a whirl of unique fruit scents, the god disappeared until he left a grapevine standing where he was.

I stared at the crowd as everyone began to disperse. I smiled as Logan walked up to me. "What to go, bro you are officially a child of Hermes, alright one and a half done, two to go."

"Ok, but who was that guy?"

"That was Mr D, he's the god of wine and grapevines, also theater and other things. He has a hatred for demigods, I know the story but it seems like he's milking it abit to thin." Logan replied.

"What do you mean?"

"He saw that Theseus, tricked Aredine to give him the string to the labyrinth but when they finished he didn't complete his promise to stay with her forever, in the end Aredine, ended up crying her eyes out. Eventually Mr D appeared and helped her out, he eventually waited for her to die and made her immortal in order to have kids with her."

"So he fell in love with a mortal?" I smirked. "And he calls us ungrateful."


"Well, it seems like you could've done better!" A mysterious voice called out.

I turned to see a girl with long black hair and stormy black eyes. She was definitely attractive, but not as attractive as those other girls. She was definitely smart, hardheaded didn't even begin to discribe her attitude and she did maintain that look in her eyes like she was thinking a million things at once.

The girl had on an orange t shirt, a pair of sleek pants and old fashioned shoes, she also seemed to have a belt that equipted a dagger at her right hand side. I smiled as she gazed at me with the intense shade of grey in her eyes. In an instant my smile died as I held a faint feeling of death.

"You seem to be intriguing, although I don't think I can trust you."

"Why not?" I asked.

"The children of Hermes can never be trusted."


"Because your a bunch of no good trick-making thieves." She replied.

I smiled. "You'd be surprised if I say, I've never stolen anything in my life."

"I see, so what do you do then?"

"I play sports, I like basketball and football and even lacrosse."

"Idiot, oh and Logan, please lighten up, its not like we can't be friends." She smiled. "I hope you don't prove me right, Ean." With that, she left to my surprise.

I laughed. "Dude, you went out with her?"

"She's not that bad, she just is a bit distant and gaurded when first meeting people, even she doesn't notice it." Logan replied. "I would also like to take a peek in her barin to see what she thinks all the time."

"We obviously need to get you a new girl, how about a daughter of aphrodite?" I wondered. "Who's the head counsiler?"

"Monica Grace, she's an average girl, she has long black hair and stark blue eyes, their almost as light as Lesette."

"Get over her!" I complained. "Oh, and thanks for the info. I've made up my mind. I want to meet and attract Monica!" I smiled. "Once I've done that, then I could make my dynamic moves."

"Don't you want to do some push up and sitt ups?" Logan asked.

"No. Why?" I turned confused.

"Never mind. Let's get soemthing to eat!" Logan smiled as he slung his arm around my head and hulled me toward the Mess Hall.


The mess hall was bigger than I had imagined. I stared at the fire pit, as I walked over to my table. Gazing around, I noticed that Taylor was seated next to me. I smiled as I asked for a grilled slice of chicken, a helping of baked potatoes and a small plater of salad. All of my brothers, looked at me like I was crazy.

"What are you eating?" everyone asked?"

I turned to them and gazed at them like they were crazy. "What? I'm eating healthy. If you ask Logan, I've been doing this ever since I was thirteen. I kinda wanna keep up my energy."

"So you're saying you healthy willingly?" Alex commented. "Hah! You're funny, not a teenager in the world would do that, Greek or Roman, Mortal or Demigod."

"Roman?" I asked.

"Nothing, neverming, its not like it'd matter." Alex said, murmuring to himself something about the destruction of them. I didn't mind it and began to eat all of my food, just as I was about to finish up, Taylor stopped me.

"Don't, you need to give something to Hermes, as an offering. That's your last bite, it's often the best, give it to him, toss it into the harth and murmur his name after worth. You need to say to Hermes. Its like an oath between you and Hermes."

"Thanks, but I kinda wanna eat this, I'm in training."

"For what?"

"Well, before all of this demigod stuff happened, I was thinking of going to Boxing classess next week, but I don't think that'll help. So I guess I gotta try myself."

"Boxing? Sounds interesting, we could try it out after the summer kicks off."

"What do you mean, summer starts tomarrow." I reminded him.

"Welll, for mortals, but for us Summer start on June 21st, thats the sacred day of summer, its when the summer begins because of the summer solstice. Its also known as a day of great evil, due to our enemies trying to destroy us on that day."

"So you want me to give this up, and learn how to box after our summer begins?"

"Pretty much."

"Dad better repay me some how, because I still haven't met my callories for today. Fine." I sighed as I rose out of my seat, and headed directly up to the fire. Scrapping the leftovers I trashed it in the harth as the flames roared, I sliently said my message. "To Hermes." I commented as the flames burned a heated blue and then returned to the unusual shade of green.

Smiling, I walked back towards the dinning area and sat down at my seat. "Happy?"

"No," Taylor replied just before he began laughing.

"So what do you guys do in the morning, well, normally something interesting happens after someone like you comes here, so from what I've seen we're either going to have some interesting enemy, or we're going to have a boaring meeting in the morning." Taylor paused. "Your going to have a boring meeting, I'm going to be at the cabin either sleeping or playing som Battle Ops."

"What's that?"

"Its a video game that had revolutionized the world when it started out. Its actually better known as Call of Duty. Over time we just stopped calling it Call of Duty, since it began to have a long name. Some ever were said to be horrible but most are very interesting."

"War games, Yeah I remember hearing about that from Crystal."

"Crystal? Your girlfriend?"

"My best friend, well one of them. And she does like me, but we're just really good friends." I replied.

"I see, well nothing much is going to happen around here, unless it has something to do with your arriveal, I mean form what you're arriveal means, it seems to have something into Logan's prophecy."

"Yeah," I nodded. "I'm gonna go take a walk on the beach." I rose up as I walked out taking a quick left, I noticed the mysterious girl with the black hair and stark blue eyes. She was exactly how he had discribed her.

I smiled as I walked up to her. "Hey." I smiled.

"Your Ean right?" She said as she held on to her left arm as she walked towards the peir. 

"Yeah, what's you're name?" I asked a bit nervous.

"Monica." She smiled. "Child of hermes, more like child of one of the biggest and baddest gods to ever live." She laughed. "You know if anything you'd be better off being a child of Poseidon or even Zeus. It fits you, I mean you're athletic, good looking, and you seem to be capable of holding your own in a fight."

"Well I did climb on a cyclopes and grodge out its eye." I smiled. "It was the only way I could defeat the thing, since it took the one sword we had to kill it."

"We? Oh right, Logan was the one to find you. It must be nice to have someone here that you know from your normal life."

"Nice, its great, but lately everything has sped up so fast, it would be great for everything to move slow, you know what I mean. I would at least like to be croozing through the road, not running, not sprinting, just jogging. Relaxed."

"I can see, you like sports a lot." She laughed.

"Oh, sorry about that, its just I'm made for sports."

"No its great, its just I never imagine a child of Hermes like this, so athletic. You seem different from your brothers."

"Brotherrs. Yeah. But I have a question, has Hermes ever had daughters?"

"Not that I know of. He's the only god that has all boys in particular. Not girls, just all boys. But the funny thing is that, Aphrodite rarely has sons, so it makes sense."

"I see. Well, I'd like to ask you something, what do you think of me, so far?" 

"You're definitely cute, attractive if you'd like. I can't believe you don't have a girlfriend."

I smiled. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Monica smiled, as she began to nibble on her fingernails as if to say she was nervous. "No." She murmured. Amazed I laughed, I hadn't ever had such an easy, moment with a girl, espescially with a beautiful girl. I gazed at her as I began to take notice of the ocean.

"So what would you think of us . . ." Before I could finish, an alarm echoed in the distance. It seemed to be a caunch like alarm, that left me unable to speak. I couldn't even understand anything she was saying, but I knew one thing, the moment was ruined.

"Hey! I'LL TALK TO YOU LATER!" She mouthed. WIth that she ran off, as I stood there amazed at what a girl I had just had a conversation with.

After arriving back at the cabin, I took up my comfater and laid down. Taking in a deep sigh of releif, I began to tred into a deep deep sleep. In a wash of water, I began to dream. This time I could see everything vividly.

I was back at my house. Slowly, I walked through the house, to see a mysterious man. He had on a pair of basket ball shorts a white muscle shirt and running shoes. From the look in his eyes he loved to run. He had salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. I gazed at him as he continued talking to my mom.

She seemed happy to see him, which kinda made me a little angery. This man was trying to put the moves on my mom. Hesitantly, I gauged closer. In a swoop, I through my hand at him, to see it go right through. He wasn't real. I couldn't touch him. All I could do was watch as the both of them talked.

"Its been a while, Lina." The mysterious man said. "I've missed you."

"Don't get so emotional now, remember, you're the one to chose to leave." Lina said half-heartedly. She wasn't angery but calm about it, as if it were something she just had to live with.

"You know about Ean right." the man said.

"He hasn't come home yet. From what I could see, he's probably with his friends at Steve's eating a slice of pizza." She smiled. "He'll be home around five, he always comes by then."

"Actually, he isn't coming home anytime soon." the man said seirously. "As you know, I am a God. And I have knowledge about what he's going to go through now, he's in great danger. He's probably going to get attacked soon."

"Hermes what on earth are you talking about?" Lina replied a bit stubbornly. I had learned with my mom, you could never beat around the bush or else you'd regret it. Gazing at the both of them, I heard it out pretty well.

After Hermes finished explaining everything, I gazed at my mom with wonder. How could she understand all of this? But more importantly how could she have known my father was Hermes, a Greek god.

In a flash of light, the dream shifted to a halt, until it ended. I awoke, at the break of dawn, as I rose up I felt a unique sense of relef, but also a strange urge to go to the beach. Rising up from my bed, I walked out and headed over towards the beach.

Arriving at teh beach, I saw the same man from my dream. He had on a track outfit and was holding a cellphone in his hand. I walked up to him and sat down as I watched the ocean waves crash against the shore.

"Its peaceful isn't it?" I announced.

"I've been waiting ever since midnight, I thought you'd be earlier." He smirked.

"Well, your a god, you should've thought better." I smiled. "So your my dad?"

"Yep. Hermes, the God of Merchants, travels and theives at your services."

"Dont forget athletisism, that's what I'm best at." I said proudly.

"Ean, you've grown well, I'm shocked it took you so long to realize you were a demigod, normally you'd learn at age thirteen. We do have a law to claim our children at the age of thirteen, but since you were doing so well, with your sports and didn't get into so much trouble I decided to let you have some more time before trying to add in your demigod life."

"What do you mean? Why couldn't I have both?"

"Because, naturally when you learn you're a demigod, things often go worse, you've had always gotten great luck, part of me thinks its because you were born on a special day."

"July 24th? From what I've known its not a holiday."

"To Americans. More specificly to Greeks, but to Romans its more special then you think."

"Romans? Like the Ancient Romans?"

"Good, you paid attention in history, Yes, the Romans had June 24 as a special day of fortune, it celebrated the goddes Tyche, or for them Fortuna. Your birthday is exactly one month after, and because of that you have gotten some kind of stroke of good luck."

"That can't be possible, I mean its an entire month after, I'd understand if it was the same day but its not!"

"Your obviously smart, but I don't know, the fates give fortune to the ones that need it most, besides I did have something to do with your abilities being present throughout most of your life."

"So what now? Do I just stay here forever?"

"Most demigods like to go home after the summer is over, so you could have a simi-normal life, but I wouldn't recomend you trying sports and being a demigod, sincce your scent has become stronger, you will eventually be attacked again, the next time it might not be as easy."

"What about Logan's prophecy?"

"The son of Ares?" Hermes wondered. "His prophecy is complete as of now, there as till things he needs to learn but he isn't going to find out this summer. I would also love to have you around in the near future, so please do your best to survive."

"What?" I wondered. I didn't understand what he was saying.

"Just take this." Summoning a bright light, Hermes held out his hand as he handed me a hammer. "This hammer was said to be given to either a child of Ares or Hephaestus, but since I see your strength is good, why not have it."

Gripping the hammer, I held it up. In the same moment my entire body when south as I struggled to lift the hammer. Struggling I arched the hammer over one shoulder. "This isn't my style."

"It's charmed, so be careful, if anything you could get an unexplainible rage." Hermes smiled. "Listen, I gotta go, their are messages to be delievers, so becareful, and don't worry you'll get something else, your friend Logan will hand you another present. Good Luck Ean."

In a flash of light, Hermes was gone. I rose up to see the sun was up already and I had to begin a new day. This time at a new home.


The war council wasn't that much. I walked in to see a pingpong table and various teenagers surrounding it. I took a seat at the furthest chair which was placed right next to Monica's. I smiled as I sat down and took a deep breath.

"So, seems like we're the first ones here." I said. "So can everyone tell me their name," I asked.

"Carlos," A beefy kid said from across the table. "Son of Hephaestus."

"Miranda," Another said. "Daughter of Hecate."

"Kirsten, daghter of Demeter." Another said.

"Sarah, daughter of Nemesis." the last girl said.

The boys smiled. I knew Logan and pretty much that was all I needed to know. I gazed at the kid with a dagger on the table to notice it was Butch's. He was a child of Apollo. I didn't know how but I knew his name immediately after noticing his face. He smiled as everyone else filled in the gaps.

From what I saw, there were only three four chairs that weren't taken. "Are we missing anyone?" I asked.

Logan denied it. "There aren't any children of Hades, Poseidon, Zeus or Dionysus."

"Ok, so what does meeting have of topic today?"

In a silence, Chiron strolled in on his wheelchair. He smiled as we gazed up at him. "I see you've all made some kind of introduction to Ean here. Please let us begin with our morning forecomings, any news?"

"I met Hermes." I blurted out. "We just had a talk at the beach a few minutes ago. He mentioned that Logan's prophecy won't be completed anytime soon."

"Is that right?" Chiron wondered. "Ironic, I had heard many times that Hermes had some abilities over prophecy but to determine such a statement to be accurate, is unknown. Lets not rule it out, but the prophecy should be relaxed upon. We don't want Logan to feel overwhelmed."

"True." I nodded.

"Anything else?"

"There was an unusual storm in my dream." Lesette commented. "The storm seemed to be casted over all of North America, it even seemed like there was going to be a war. The dream also featured three women standing in front of a person that resembled Zeus."

"Women?" Logan commented. "What did they look like, we're they powerful? Did they have glass like eyes, and ever changing hair?"

"Yea, they also seemed to speak as if they knew what was going to happen next."

"The Sisters of Fate." Chiron commented. He gazed at Lesette intently trying to make word of his thoughts. "Your dream could be the opening to another prophecy, but the question is, why now. We just got a prophecy from Logan so why have another one appear out of the blue."

I gazed at Chiron, questioning his conclusion. "Wait a minute, don't you guys have an oracle? Couldn't she be capable of reading as many prophecies as she can see?"

"Yes, the Oracle can see more than just one future. But often when a prophecy is proclaimed it takes time to form another concrete prophecy, the Spirit of Delphi is rarely capable of speaking a prophecy directly after she had spoken one. Its almost never happened before."

I gazed at Lesette. She seemed to be calm about this all. "Alright, but what could it be?"

"Who knows, but the thing about that is our Oracle isn't here yet. So we will have to wait. In other things, you guys can relax because our time will be long."

Taking a deep breath, I gazed at the table trying to figure out what was going on. After the meeting, I didn't know what to do, so I decided to take a walk around Camp. I never really understood the whole Greek god things, but the thing about this was that now I was living it. I ran into a couple of moving trees, and even man-like waters. When I finally arrived back at the Cabin, I ran into Hermes and my brothers.

"Again!" I called out. Walking in there he was. Hermes. This time he was buisness professional. He had on a suit and tie and looked to be on call. He had his bluetooth attached and was talking on the phone and to my brothers.

"Sorry about that, I'll get it to you as soon as possible." He commented as he clicked the bluetooth. Turning he smiled. "Seems like it worked!" He clapped.

"What did?"

"The plan, besides that prophecy has already beeen completed so now you will focus on something far more dangerous."


"Everyone! The next up coming year will become something far more perplexing. You all might die. Our enemies have been defeated and resealed, but we have unsettling news, appearently something or someone is causing up freak thunderstorms across the world. It's not any other god or Aeolus, it seems to be someone greater than that. So I have to warn everyone. I got Ean here to speak about brushing Logan's prophecy under the rug, but Lesette a daughter of Athena caught on through her dream."

Taylor walked up. "So what do you want us to do?"

"Its not like we can just defeat someone we don't know." Alex commented.

"No worries, just make sure you be on gaurd because the next summer might be one of the most dangerous summers you've had in a life time. Oh yeah, and I'm glad to see all of you are doing fine. Welcome your new brother in with open arms, and Taylor nice job on the race, pace yourself. Alex, try being a bit less critical." In a flash of light, Hermes disappeared again.

Smiling I nodded. "He's gonna do that a lot."

Taylor smirked. "You have no idea."

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