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Ean Swift: The Chains of Ouranos
Ean Swift
Son of Hermes
Counciler of Cabin #11
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth July 24
Current age 16
Gender Male
Family Lina Swift (Mother)
Hermes (Father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black/Brown
Skin Color Fair
Height 5'9
Weight 132 lbs
Build Slender
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Weapons Hammer (rarely)
Celestial Bronze Sword
Species Demigod
Home New Jersey (Hometown)
Manhattan (Current Home)
Camp Half-Blood (Summer Home)
Appearances Ean Swift: A New World
Ean Swift: The Chains of Ouranos
Quests None

Ean Swift: The Chains of Ouranos is a story that seems to take place an entire year after Ean Swift: A New World . This time Ean has grown stronger, faster and seems to have become more confident over his time being a demigod. He has earned the trust of many campers and seems to be well known at camp even by name.


Note: The Prophecy is different from the previous one. This time it will be completed.

Ean Swift: The Chains of OuranosEdit

These are some titles for the chapters of my story.

  1. My unexpected enemies arrive
  2. Welcome to a battle between brains and bronze
  3. Race to Camp Half Blood: The unbeatable monsters reform
  4. I can't see why we can't be friends?
  5. The Quest Begins: Breaking bonds
  6. I fight it out with a Minotaur
  7. Hermes's Guidance
  8. The Chains of Ouranos
  9. I face my true enemies
  10. The scathed tree and a shattered bond

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