The power of a Pluto child


Rockstar goddess


Fat and angry Ember


Her dream:3


Her human fake identity

Ember Crypt==

Ember is a goddess in my mind but a demigod in others. She's the daughter of Pluto. A special daughter of Pluto. She's dead but she desguises herself as a human so there's no commontion. Pluto picked her special because she's f'n awesome. She plays music her her magical guitar and has ghost powers too. She's always wanted to be a pirate but that's not possible...when she's really mad or having a breakdown she gets really fat and angry. We nu like her this way so we choose to not anger the demigod. She's a rock and roll singer and performs around the world then sneaks back into her boring Roman camp where she must bribe campers not to tell on her. No one has ever caught her in ghost form because she's sneaky. It's a sad death she had. She burned in her hotel room after a concert waiting on her cheating boyfriend. All her fans know her best trick, the coolest thing they've ever seen. How does a girl start rocking all human like then turns into a white ghost with blue hair? They all yell her name when this special thing happens. All the campers think it's just a Pluto trick. Llittle do they know, she's an actual ghost. The more they chant her name the brighter the blue flames of her hair grow and the better she plays. At the end she signs autographs and changes back waving off to her fans. Her father doesn't think it's very smart what she's doing but she continues to rock on and become a legend. Unfortunately she has to go back to her boring camp everynight but it's all worth it to be a rock star. A goddess in my mind~!  YOU WILL REMEMBER MY NAME~!


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