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Hakon Avsung
Where the Hell is Klaus when you need him?
Son of Fenrir
Son of Eir
Half Angel, Half Demon
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 654 A.D.
Current age Really, Really, Really Old
Gender Male
Family Fenrir (Father)

Eir (Mother)

Klaus (Twin Brother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color Fair
Height 6'7
Weight 210 lbs.
Build Muscular
Alias Spawn of the Wolf
Affiliation Camp Asgard
Weapons Alfablót (Sword)
Species Angel Demon
Home Camp Asgard
Appearances None
Quests None


Hakon was born on Alfabót night along with his younger twin Klaus to the Valkyrie Eir and the wolf demon Fenrir, as a result of sexual assault.

Eir at first tried to keep the children away from their father, but as half-demons and half-angels, their bodies often conflicted with each other, causing, at times, violent spasms and outburts, and at others, peaceful lives and healing. However, as they grew, despite their personalities, Hakon began to show powers more suitable to his father. Eir didn't know what to do, so she sent him with Fenrir to try to control it.

As he grew, he began to miss his family, but also began to act similar to his father. By time he was 16, he was pillaging villages, and causing mischief wherever he went. Eventually, Fenrir was killed by Vidar, causing him (and Klaus to an extent) to hate both Vidar and his children.

Hakon moved back with his mother and brother, however Klaus was annoyed by his presence, and wanted to break away. He left/abandoned them, keeping little-to-no contact, moving from mortal to mortal. That left Hakon to take care of his mother, who had very different morals than he. It was very different from with his father, but he adjusted.

Eventually his mother grew sick, and now he has to provide for her. He often tracks down his brother wherever he is, and demands he helps their mother, but that ends in conflict. Sometimes, however, Klaus and Hakon do both help out their mother from periods ranging from a week to 10 years.


Hakon has short brown hair likke his brother, and brown eyes. He's tall, like his brother, and very muscular. He has a cute face compared to his brother's which is stern and serious. When he's in wolf form, he grows a tail and wolf ears, the same color as his hair.

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