Hisoka Moens
Your slanderous remarks and deception are becoming quite pernicious at this point.
Daughter of Omoikane
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth August 1
Current age 14
Gender Female
Family Omoikane (Father)

Ran Tachibana-Moens (Mother)

Sven Moens (Step-father)

Cabel Moens (Step-brother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Dark Grey
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Pale
Height 4'10"
Build Small, thin, bijou
Alias 'Hika'
Affiliation N/A
Weapons N/A
Species Demigoddess
Home Kanazawa, Japan
Appearances N/A
Quests N/A
Hisoka Moens is the demigoddess daughter of Omoikane, the Shinto god of wisdom and intelligence, and Ran Tachibana, a middle-class former citizen of Japan. Hisoka is the only daughter of Omoikane known and suffers from a hearing disability, which requires her to wear hearing aids cranked up to the highest volume.


Following her birth in Kanazawa, Ran Tachibana and her newborn daughter left the country on a whim and moved to the Netherlands, where Ran had managed to schedule some housing appointments with a local widower, Sven Moens. As such, Hisoka grew up surrounded by Dutch culture and has all but ignored her Japanese heritage.

When she began her Fourth Year, at age 7, Hisoka became aware that her hearing issues were not normal and went to her mother for help. She later found that some of her hearing organs hadn't finished properly and she would quite possibly lose her hearing by her final year of VWO, high school.

She'd always found it very easy to comprehend harder topics and used words that were, frankly, way too big for such a young girl. The children often picked on her wordiness but she tended to ignore them simply by telling herself she was obviously smarter and that none of them mattered. Her mother has tried explaining that that kind of behavior isn't normal and is instead a result of her father's influence, but Hisoka ignores her as well and now considers her a woman of sub-par intelligence.

Gods aren't real, obviously.


Hisoka has short, thin black hair, cut short but at its longest near her chin. She has dark gray eyes and is very small and bony, as she has no interest in athletic pursuits and believes they are insubordinate to the pursuit of knowledge. Her school has a dress code, due to being one of the top Dutch schools in the area, which consists of a dark red dress or blazer over a white shirt and brown loafers.

She also wears reading glasses at home.


Hisoka is very literal-minded and analytical, and often doesn't understand jokes nor sarcasm on the first runthrough. She believes in a logical process of though and a "look-before-you-leap" perspective on life. She's realistic and brutally so, sometimes accidentally bruising the excitement of those around her.

Fatal FlawEdit


Hisoka is never wrong, and she will fight you on it everytime. She believes the world must be molded by her standards of perfection before she can no longer hear and speak, and as such gets herself into some tough situations by being a very blatant critic and accidentally starting fights.

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