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Hello there. I am...Oliver. Also known as, Hydros.
Protogenos of Primordial Water
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Beginning of time
Current age As old as time itself

13 (Physically) (For the time being)

Gender Male
Family Protogenoi

Gods and Titans

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown (For the time being)
Hair Color Blond (For the time being)
Skin Color Pale (For the time being)
Height 5'6 (For the time being)
Weight 110 lbs (For the time being)
Build Slim (For the time being)
Alias Oliver (Around mortals)
Affiliation Protogenos
Weapons N/A
Species Protogenoi
Home Mt.Isotita
Appearances N/A
Quests None
Hydros is the protogenos of the primordial waters.


HYDROS (or Hydrus) was the protogenos of the primordial waters. In the Orphic Theogonies Water was the first being to emerge at creation alongside Creation (Thesis) and Mud. The primordial mud solidified into Gaia (Earth) and with Hydros produced Khronos (Time) and Ananke (Compulsion). These two in turn caught the early cosmos in the coils, and split it apart to form the god Phanes (creator of life), and the four ordered elements of Heaven (Fire), Earth, Air and Sea (Water). The Orphic Rhapsodies later discarded the figures the Khronos and Ananke, and have Phanes instead born directly from Hydros and Gaia.


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