Mary Lester is a daughter of Atlas, and she is in the same experiment with Hippolyta when they were 4 years old, and that's why they become so huge.

Mary Lester
Mary Lester
Daughter of Atlas
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 20 March 1992
Current age 20
Gender Female
Family Atlas - Father

Michelle Lester - Mother

Status Single
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Grey
Skin Color Tannish white
Height 14'5
Weight 1275 pounds
Build Bodybuilder
Favorite toy Anything she can hug with
Pleasure Peak {{{Peak}}}
Method of Pleasure {{{Pleasure}}}
Alias The Towering Lust
Affiliation Demititans
Weapons Her massive strength
Species Demititans
Home {{{home}}}
Appearances None
Quests To be given




Mary Lester is a tough, hardened girl that only knows some sympathy, though she tends to bond with her friends (be friendly) as she made them. She can also be called a pervert because she likes to touch and feel Josh's body, which is quite soft and warm to the touch. For some reason, she liked to take it a few steps further, such as making Josh feel awkward and molest him further, such as drenching him in her saliva and suckle on his body.




Fatal FlawsEdit