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This is madness! I cannot go fishing here! Curses!
God of Wind, the Sea, and Sea Merchants
Father of Freya and Frey
Husband of Skadi
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Skadi (Wife)

Nerthus (Ex-Wife)

Freya (Daughter)

Frey (Son)

Issac (Son)

Nina (Daughter)

Status Alive
Eye Color Cobalt Blue
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Tan
Height 6'8 (For now)
Weight 235 lbs. (For Now)
Build Muscular (Always)
Alias The Survivor
Affiliation Norse Deities
Weapons Spear
Species God (Norse)
Home Asgard
Appearances None
Quests None
 Njord is the Norse god of Wind, the Sea, and Sea Merchant. He was married to his sister Nerthus, whom he had 3 children by (Freya, Frey, and Issac (The last of which, born in an affair after the two broke up)). He is now married to Skadi.


"Njord, one of the Vanir gods, was first married to his sister Nerthus and had two children with her, Frey and Freya. His second wife was Skadi (Skade), a Giantess. When Skadi’s father was killed by the Aesir she was granted three “acts” of reparation one of which was to let her choose a husband from among the gods. She was allowed to pick her new husband but the choice had to be made by looking only at the feet. She picked Njord by mistake, assuming his feet belonged to Balder.

Njord and Skadi could not agree on where to live. She didn’t like his home Noatun at the Sea, and he didn’t like hers Trymheim, in the mountain with large woods and wolves, so they lived the first half of the year in Noatun and the other half in Trymheim."

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