Olivia Michaels
Daughter of Aphrodite
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth September 3
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Jeffery Michaels (Father)
Aphrodite (Mother)
Status Alive
Eye Color intense blue
Hair Color Black
Skin Color soft white
Height 5'10
Weight 152 lbs
Build athletic fit
Favorite toy Unknown
Pleasure Peak Unknown
Method of Pleasure Unknown
Alias The wandering demigod
Omen in disguise
Beauty Queen
Affiliation The Greeks
Weapons Daggers
Species Demigod
Home Tennesse
Appearances Nicolas Evens: The Rise of the new ones
Quests None

Olivia Michaels is the Greek Demigod daughter of Aphrodite and Jeffery Michaels. She is known to be a keen survivor and good with her intuition as she got to the Valley all on her own in the dead of night.


Early Life Olivia MichaelsEdit


Olivia Michaels is known to be a no nonsense type of girl. She is fairly determined and is known to be very wise when it comes to enemies of the Olympians. Her personality reflects her attitude often projected towards the others. She is a natural leader, often ordering around and asking questions openly to those of the main circle.

Olivia isn't against having to fight enemies and wouldn't even care about getting dirty. She is accustomed to having to fend for herself and enjoys fighting back. Her battle skills also prove her to be an anomoly when it comes to the children of Aphrodite. She doesn't know much about the other daughters of Aphrodite, but she is against what they do. She knew that they are shallow and immature girls that often show affection towards boys and love playing mental mind games with them.

Olivia isn't against challenging others for authority. She is also shown to have a somewhat shakey relationship with Nicolas Evens because of his leadership and the fact that she is tough to get through. Alothough, Olivia is stubborn and heard headed, she isn't above making friends with girls. She even makes good friends with Liz, who is the half-sister of Adam, and even makes a willful connection with Adam himself.

Olivia does hate being told what to do, which might be her fatal flaw.


Olivia Michaels is known to be a beautiful young lady. She has long curly black hair and intense blue eyes. Her complexion is soft white and she is known to be so beautiful that her beauty intimidates most people. Olivia is known to sport various clothing that accustoms her natural beauty along with the fact that she's a child of Aphoridite. Olivia is capable of fashioning just about anything and making fashion statements on a moments notice.

Olivia is not above putting on armor, and is known to look even good in old raggs. Her attire is always making her stand out and this is one reason why many guys at the valley are known to be intimidated yet mezmorized by her. Olivia is mentioned be the weirdest arriveal at the valley because she appeared in the dead of night and she wasn't escorted to the valley at all, she found the place by herself, indicating she was well aware of it's exisitance.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit




  • Olivia means "Of the Olive Tree".
  • Olivia like Piper McLean is an rarity as she doesn't show nicely towards Immature and shallow girls that play with boys's hearts and minds.
  • Olivia is one of the most powerful children of Aphrodite, and the most powerful demigod of Aphrodite.

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