Protogenoi of the Sky
Father of the Titans
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown
Current age Immortal
Gender Male
Family Gaea (Mother and Wife)
Cyclopes, Titans, Hekatonkheires (Children)
Fates, Aphrodite (Daughters)
Status Reforming
Eye Color Stormy Grey
Blue (Sometimes)
Hair Color Gery
White (Sometimes)
Skin Color Fair
Height Any
Weight Any
Build Muscular
Alias Patron
The father
Affiliation Himself
Weapons Unknown
Species Protogenoi
Home Unknown
Appearances Ean Swift: The Chains of Ouranos
Quests None

Ouranos is the Greek Protogenos personifying the sky. Ouranos is the Greek word for sky and his Roman counterpart is Uranus. The Greeks imagined the sky as a solid dome of brass whoes edges descended to rest on the outermost edges of the earth. Uranus is actually Greek, although the Romans used that name for their primordial lord of th sky. He was the husband and son of Gaea .



Ouranos and Gaea were the protogenoi of the sky and earth respectively.  They became consorts and brought forth their childre: the Cyclopes, the Hecatonkhires, and the Titans.

Ouranos didn't care for his children, in fact, he hated them. He hated his children that did not look normal most of all, such as the Hecatonkhires and Cyclopes. They were unsightly in his opinon and he wanted them gone. But he couldn't kill them, because they were immortal.

It is unclear why he never returned or what happened to him because it is impossible for him to die, but since Atlas is forced to hold up the sky it is very possible that he still exists in some form, some where wishing to embrace Gaea. So instead, Ouranos threw the Hekatonkhires and Cyclopes into Tartarus and positioned Kampe to guard them. This caused Gaea great grief. She was also furious because they were her children, and because Ouranos cared nothing for them. She asked her children, the Titans, to get rid of Ouranos so she could save the Cyclopes and the Hacatonkhires. Only her youngest son Kronos was brave enough to do it. He took a flint scythe Gaea made and castraded his father. Some accounts stae that the genitals were thrown into the sea and that from the froth rose Aphrodite. Nothing was mentioned about Ouranos afterwards. Other accounts sated that Ouranos pushed the Titans back into Gaea because the Oracle said that one of his children would overthrown him.

Ean Swift StoriesEdit

Eventually, he began to reform, and currently has started becoming active. This implies that he was either shattered to the point that only the reawakening and then slumbering of his former wife, Gaea could reform him or that he was shattered to a point beyond natural repair. Ouranos does appear once in Ean Swift: The Chains of Ouranos 



Powers & AbilitiesEdit


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