"I ask myself the question, what on earth did I do to deserve being like this?" ~Seth Storm commenting on his Physical Appearance.

Seth Storm
[[Seth Storm|250px]]
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth April 9th
Current age 21
Gender Male
Family *Chaos (father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color none
Skin Color white
Height 6' 7"
Weight 270lbs
Build Muscular and agile
Favorite toy {{{favorite toy}}}
Pleasure Peak {{{Peak}}}
Method of Pleasure {{{Pleasure}}}
Alias Seth
Affiliation Greek Demigod
Weapons Machine Gun
Species Demigod or monster, remains unclear
Home mobile
Appearances None
Quests None

Seth Storm is one of your sordid characters. You appreciate him, you learn to like him, he makes you smile and question your own humanity.

He is the person who philosophically questions his own existence. Who he is, what is he, and how is going to be able to survive in this modern world when your form cannot be hidden behind a magical barrier.

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