Vital Statistics
Date of Birth *Won't tell
Current age *Will not disclose
Gender Female
Family *Solan
  • Unconfirmed Mother
  • Uncofirmed Father
Status Immortal
Eye Color Dark Grey
Hair Color light pink
Skin Color Fair
Height 9'8"
Weight 356lbs solid muscle.
Build slender, shapely, atheletic
Alias Queen goddess of the United Corporate World
Affiliation United Corporate World
Weapons {{{weapons}}}
Species Unconfirmed
Home Olympus Mons (Mars)
Appearances side quest of 10 years without gods.
Quests None

Solan and Trinity are the twin deties who reign over the United Corporate World, and represent the future for mankind. Although recent deities to the mytholgogies world wide, they both chose to serve as the high deities of United Corporate World. By origin they were supposed to be both twin Divisional Demigods, before they became Origin Deities of the United Corporate World. They keep there birth a secret from new comers because it could interfere with the past. They share power as the Big Three of this New Mythology of the Future with Letric Tech who shares his reign with them. Because their prescense is worldwide, other gods from many mythologies are now beneath them and in many cases now minor gods and goddess'.


Trinty is an outgoing and adventurous girl, claiming to take after her mother for looks, she is very sensual in her appearance and prefers to go without clothing whenever she can. (wip)

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