Hey-! Don't call me by that name!
Protogenoi of the Sea
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Beginning of Time
Current age She's old, really.
Gender Female
Family Aether (Father)

Hemera (Mother)

Mortal Woman (Host)

Pontus (Husband)

Telchines (Sons and Daughters)

Halia (Daughter)

Status Alive
Eye Color Adaptable (currently blue)
Hair Color Adaptable (currently black)
Skin Color Adaptable (currently tanned)
Height Adaptable (currently 5'8")
Build Adaptable (currently lean, athletic)
Alias N/A
Affiliation Olympus
Weapons Hydrokinesis
Species Goddess
Home The Sea


Appearances N/A
Quests N/A
Thalassa is a goddess of the sea, and a protogenoi.


Thalassa is a sea goddess and the daughter of Aether and Hemera. With the sea god Pontus, she gave birth to the Telchines and the nymph Halia. Occassionally, she is thought to be Aphrodite's mother with Zeus or Uranus. Also responds to Thalatta and Thalath.

Her husband slowly encroaching on her duties as a goddess have given her more free time, which she uses to create hosts out of mortals and mingle with mortal society, a common practice for herself.


With her being infused with a new host, Thalassa was pleaseantly surprised. Her host's hair grew a bit darker and she allowed it to grow longer, and Thalassa turned her eyes an ethereal shade of blue, much like the sea that she rules alongside Pontus. 

She was especially excited about her athletic body and has used it to her advantage - to get drinks and such would be difficult even for a goddess as she didn't exactly have a lot of mortal money on her at the time of her taking over.


Thalassa,after years of being a benevolent sea goddess who rarely spoke out of term, has finally reached her rebellious streak. She's become quite the party girl thanks to her new host, who is young and fits the sort of life Thalassa wants to experience. She's a very smart woman, being a protogenoi, but thirsts for knowledge that she can experience as well.

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