Here be, forever in print, the last known days of our beloved Aria Violet. 



She stood in front of the stone feeling like her heart had been wrenched out of her stomach. It wasn't fair- it could have been anyone else.

And yet...she'd vanished. They knew not where, or how, or what exactly happened. But she never came back, and thats what mattered. 

What hurt most? The fact that she was gone because of her, because she was too weak to keep going again? Or that...maybe she wasn't really dead, and was being subjected to torture...because of her. 


She looked in front of her, mist in her eyes and laid down the flower in her hand. A violet, it made sense of course. 

In loving memory of Aria Violet who gave her life to save her friends. 1998-2013 

The Prophecy is AnnouncedEdit

Hushed tones whispered around the campfire, urgent nudges and excited sqeauls. Aria stood in the back, waiting for Chiron to give his important announcment.

Aria was not your typical demigod, but then again there were not many demigods who could be stereo typed as 'typical'. Her wavy brown hair caught the moonlight just right, making it look like a playground for hair accessories. Her teeth sparkled just so, and her eyes were a brilliant blue, despite her hair color. Aria's face was shaped almost like a heart, and of course, she was a daughter of Aphrodite.

It must be necessary, Aria thought to herself. Chiron never makes announcments during sing-along. 

"What do you think all the fuss is about?" Andromeda, a friend of Arias, shot a curious glance at her.

"I don't know," Aria admited. 

Andromeda shrugged her blonde hair out of her face and grabbed a ponytail band to wrap her long hair in. "Guess we should quiet down and find out," 

Aria nodded and turned back to the front. Chiron had by now, with trembling fingers taken an old parched piece of paper out of his satchel. 

"Attention!" He shouted over the few whispers still roaming the crowd. "This here, is the Prophecy of Garden. I expect you to pay attention, if you feel anything in these words, do tell me." The centaur cleared his throat and unfolded the parchment. 

"Three shall pass through the stormy gate,

and vanquish the archer in the bright of the day,

love will prevail in the courtyard of hate, 

the final breath and one last sigh, 

here be the death of one who shall die." 

"Lovely," One of the Aphrodite kids twirled a strand of hair as she took interest to her nails. Several confused looks were shot in her direction, but she was occupied in staring at her reflection. Aria bit her tongue in disgust. 

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