Hello Everyone.

 This blog here is to give you a little understanding to the reason I chose Beikeiai17 as my profile name. It also includes the story.

Behind the name!

The name Beikeiai originates from my facination in anime and manga, when I was younger. At first I didn't actually know it was called anime or manga, I watched the typical American ones. Dragon Ball, Pokemon and even Yu-Gi-Oh! When I was in middle school (Six to Seventh Grade). I began to take an interest in actually persuing an anime manga story career. I wanted to write out a manga story and get it out there for the public to view. This sparked in me and one of my friends, to get interested into write out a story board. I made up the names, the original story was supposed to be based on my own ideas, but eventually I realized that it was stemed off of my two favorite anime mangas at the time. Naruto and Bleach. Eventually I came up with the name of the story and it turned out to be Beikeiai. The term Beikeiai from what I know now isn't an actual word. But I used it to define a spiritual race in the series. It took my a long time to write out an episode summary list of four-hundred and one episodes.

The main character also has a backstory very similar to characters in Bleach and also the elemental powers they use is loosly based off of the Naruto nature transformation. By the time I finished the story, I though it was great. It was amazing to write it out. The story also bridged over to a secondary story called Beikeiai Revolution, a second series that took place two years after the original that continues the story.

The reason why I chose seventeen, was because my birthdate is June 17, the 17 is from the date, and implies a similar stature. I've also liked the number 17 over time. It isn't much more than a squating number that I've grown fond of.

After I made a story board episode list, for Beikeiai, I also decided to make one based off of Demigods, I wrote up to nearly four hundred episodes. It started off with the birth of creation. It also was called Next Olympians Heroes of the future. 

Thats a little bit to know about the name.