Well, I was thinking of a Collab idea, but I'm kinda trash at stuff like this sirs and mams. 

IDea: So I was thinking of this collab about vampire demigods, that work in the shadows against like everyone, but every once in a while they're forced to talk to the gods or stray from the Shadows. So you know they aren't as stereotypical as normal vamps. Sun doesn't kill them but they don't particularly enjoy it. Holy water only partially burn them. Stakes do kill them, but it;s lik enearly impossible to get to thier hearts, because theyz vampires I mean c'mon. If they bite you, you're instantly stunned then theres a process that you go through to become a vampire, like symptoms and such. But my plan was that the vampires have to somehow er stop the gods from getting rid of their species after them being violent towards the gods. Ofcourse they have to work with the demigods to stop this. So what if they have to do tasks for the gods or maybe fight them until they tire. Idfk brainstorming here. Their species is called OniGods. (Demongods) Cuz theyz demons. So idk tell me if this is pompous or if you wanna join~! ~You will remember my name~ 01:24, August 27, 2013 (UTC)