So I had to write this. It speaks for me and only me. People may agree and such, but no bashing. I swear. If there's one comment that says anything about this, I will ban you for a day. This isn't abusing powers. It's actually a rule.

And if it's an anon it's for a month. Yeah.

Why I ship Lenka

When I began to ship Lenka, it was a long story. Serious. It was for this fanfiction I was writing where the characters were actually Vocaloids in disguise. One of my ships, Julirade, had the girl be Luka, and the boy a cold Len. So naturally I paired them up.

It was actually pretty cute how they interacted- the characters were basically how I would see Len and Luka. The "Luka" was happy and beautiful, and always teased the "Len", and the "Len" was kind of cold to "Luka", but also caring, and gave her whatever she wanted (after putting up a fight, of course). I had a lot more planned for them, but then I gave up of

Afterwards, I was listening to my main otp for that fandom (who played Miku and Kaito, so I was listening to Miku and Kaito), and decided "Why not?" And looked up Len and Luka. I listened to Perfect Crime, and loved it. They sounded so beautiful together.

I got deeper in looking at pictures, and listening to songs. Now I can't stop. They replaced Ichiruki as my main Otp. Swear.

It isn't just that that drew me in. It was the forbiddeness of it all. A Romeo and Juliet type. She's 20, he's 14. She'd be considered a pedophile. Yet love stands against all, and they still make it work. Right?

Plus they look adorbz while doing so!!

Then the lyrics to their songs. Sometimes they're cryptic, but once you crack the code- damn, it's good. "Feelin’ you, fall in love In the secret night, wow, be with you Because of you, going down Nothing but the Perfect Crime"

Thinking about it, it's hard to understand. Until...

"Feelin’ you, " Every time I touch you...

"fall in love" It seems like I fall deeper in love

"In the secret night, " In this meeting no one knows of.

"wow, be with you" I want to be with you.

"Because of you, " Because I fell for you,

"going down" We're falling deeper down

"Nothing but the Perfect Crime" Into our Perfect Crime.

Ah the forbidden feeling of it, right? Oh I just love it.

WIP~ but don't worry cuz the rest is just me fanning over this ship.